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  • Thanks for the information on that building. It is a nice enough looking building but seems small for most proposes. If I remember correctly, it was one of the first "modern" buildings on the block, though I cannot remember what was there before, it was not part of the Urban Renewal project that took place north of Michigan Ave.
  • The construction of new apartment buildings on Cedar [Ballpark North?] was well underway as I drove by yesterday. There were already poured foundation walls and lots of excavation going on. The new building site on Shiawassee was also busy with two large cranes there.
  • I noticed that the lot on the corner of Hillsdale and S Washington has been paved and marked for parking spaces. Kind of disappointing.
  • Looks like the rezoning request has been submitted for the Hepler site east of Motor Wheels to basically more of the parcels into the DT-2 "Urban Flex" district. The item reiterates that the developer is still trying to assemble the entire block, and will have to come back for rezoning request for those. Map showing the rezoning request:

  • This is an interesting plan, they say that Lansing needs housing so this looks to be a good plan.
    I was downtown today and took a look at the Hillsdale and Capitol Ave. project [Capital View?] and it looks pretty nice, better exterior treatments than most, with "Juliette Balconies" for each apartment. Down the street at the REOtown site we will have to wait and see, so far not so great on the exterior.
  • I cringe everytime I see the REOtown site apartments. That site deserved so much better as a gateway to that part of town.
  • On an unrelated note, did anyone know if Mt Hope Elementary is slated for demolition? I've noticed the entire site fenced off by Christman and windows slowly being removed and boarded up. They've also torn up the perimete landscaping, if you could call it that. It looks like demolition is about to happen, not renovation.

    I know this was on the districts list to replace but I guess I expected a new building before demolishing the old one.
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    I think they announced soon after the bond passed, last year, that the kids were being moved to Woodcreek. Demolition was actually slated for late fall/early winter of last year. I guess this is something you can do when you have mouthballed schools available.
  • @Lymon89 I couldn't agree more on REO Gateway. It's a real disappointment for that site, especially coming from a group of investors that have such grand visions for the area.

    On a positive note, the first floor of Knapp's is going to be used for restaurant incubator with 6 spaces. Work is expected to start in May or June with opening in spring 2024.
    A nonprofit that promotes downtown Lansing will bring a half dozen restaurants and additional "food makers" to a former landmark department store as part of a $4 million food incubator program.

    The incubator program will occupy a 20,000-square-foot space at the Knapp's Centre on South Washington Square at the corner of Washington and Washtenaw Street.

    MACOTTA Club, a program through Downtown Lansing Inc., will house six restaurants and provide space for several entrepreneurs to sell food products, as well as common seating for customers, said Downtown Lansing Inc. Executive Director Cathleen Edgerly.

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    ...There's also news that Niowave is planning a $20m expansion with 35 new jobs. No word on a start date or if there will be any additions at their airport or Walnut School facilities.
  • That is very exciting for the Knapps building. I have been so disappointed with the same old local options lately when going out. Hopefully they'll be able to maintain the energy like the Food Hall has been able to. It's been nice to see people supporting these new places. Also just excited to actually have the opportunity to frequent the Knapps building. It's hard seeing such a recently renovated building sit empty on the main floor for so long!
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