Block600 (600 East Michigan)

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The city council will be setting a public hearing next week for March 26 on the rezoning of lands at the southeast corner of Larch and Michigan to faciliate the yet-to-be-announced 600 East Michigan project by the Gillespie Group. The project will be over 3.6 acres spanning from Larch on the west to the Jackson & Lansing Railroad tracks to the east, and Michigan to the north and Barnard to the south. The development will include commercial/retail and residential, and most likely parking at the back of the site.

Looking forward to seeing the formal proposal of what's planned for the site, but it's way bigger than the original concept, which only included the old gas station at at the corner of Larch and Michigan.



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    This sounds promising, will be interested to hear what exactly is planned and a time frame. This is a gap in Michigan Ave that will be nice to have filled in.

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    Looks like the city has gotten back into the groove of keeping its agenda and minute items updated on the website. I was reading through the minutes of the February 19th meeting of Planning & Development and it sounds like Councilwoman Washington is surprisingly in support of this project, so this one looks to be getting fastracked. The setting of the public meeting for March 26 was passed unanimously, so this one is looking pretty good. I think the resolution for the vacation of the alley gets brought back up on the 5th because the resolution has something in it that's not legally enforceable, but that seems to be a technical obstacle.

  • I like the fast track, have you seen any drawings or plans?

  • Was looking through all of the public announcements in City Pulse, this morning. It appears that the rezoning for Larch & Michigan ended up being approved at the April 9th city council meeting. So whatever Gillespie is developing here has passed that hurdle.

    My guess is that given that I'm sure there are/were underground gas tanks on the site that he'll definitely be requesting some kind of brownfield and/or OPRA, that'll happen when he decided to formally propose something for the site.

  • Well, there it is. I mentioned this in the general thread on Thursday, and missed this announcement by the city on Friday.

    Looks like we'll get to see what GG has planned for this site on Wednesday. You know, I'm hoping for a high-rise to be at least a component of this development, but it most likely won't be. In either case, it will be significant given the large amount of land invovled.

  • Today is the day! Keep and eye out for 2PM, today. I'm hearing we're getting an announcement about the grocery store that's been rumored about, but for Gillespie to keep calling this a "game-changer" for downtown, I feel like it has to be more substantial than that.

  • I've been incredibly interested in this, and trying hard not to get too excited, but they sure are hyping this up.

  • I'd be fine with Kroger or Meijer, but I think the area isn't big enough for those unless it's Meijer's "urban" concept. I'm expecting something more along the lines of Fresh Thyme. I'm curious how they will do parking if it is a large grocer. Otherwise this might be a small "premium" grocery store. I'd hope it's not too small.

  • Meijer Urban Market is the grocer under the name Capital City Market.

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    And a 120-140 room hotel from Larch to the train tracks above the grocery store.

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