Auto-Owners Insurance Headquarters



  • The one thing that I don't like about it, is how Delta Township is bending over backwards to acommodate Auto-Owners. Delta Township sold 1/2 acre to them for $1, but more importantly, the township will pay $24,000 for sewer and water connections. If Auto-Owners already own 11 acres at the site, why couldn't they build up and not out (the need for more infrastructure and the extra 1/2 acre)?
  • It says that this location is next door to one of their warehouses in Delta Township, so it wasn't some completely crazy move.

    I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't just a ploy to get Delta Township to cough up a great deal for Auto-Owners.
  • If thats the case then Lansing should offer some really good deal to get Auto Owners to move downtown. Maybe a free piece of city owned downtown land and some tax abtements, I think it would be worth a shot at least.
  • Auto-Owners has purchased 77 acres adjacent to their site in DeWitt Township. I think it's terrible that they feel the need to expand further and further out into the country.
  • I looked up the actual site, last night, on Google Maps, as I'd never been up this way. It's literally in the middle of nowhere, with the only reason I can see them locating there is that there is a freeway interchange at DeWitt Road and 69.
  • I'm not a fan of the proposed move to DeWitt Township. I hope it never happens.
  • Yeah, I'll second that one. I can't imagine anything going into there current place based on its size. Unless a developer could modify it so you could put multiple companies in it. And it looks too nice to raze, so will it just sit vacant? Does anyone more familiar with the project know if there are any plans, even if just heresay? Any idea if Auto-owners would keep any employees at the current site or use it in another way?
  • I'm not a fan of townships/burbs, but at least the current place is a decent size, looks nice, and adds something to the view on 496.
  • I grew up in DeWitt and still consider it "home" so I have a personal issue with this project. It is completely out of character with the area. Should the project go through, it would open up the “green belt” that separates DeWitt and Lansing to sprawling development. Restaurants, hotels and shopping centers would need to be constructed to support the new headquarters. There are better options out there. I don’t buy the lack of parking argument in downtown from some of the bloggers on the LSJ site. I’m sure that a deal could be reached with the city (even the state or county via land swap – yes, that would require some out-of-the-box thinking on the part of government... it will have to happen sometime or MI is doomed) to remedy that problem. Besides, to attract the young professionals that businesses are competing for you need to have the infrastructure for mass transit, as well as a variety of urban housing options. I know as a young professional I love my 15 minute commute by bus and the fact I haven’t had pay a penny for gas to/from work in over two years! Oh and I won’t even go into the future of gas prices… by the way, thanks to everyone for fueling Houston’s economy every time you make a stop at the pump. (sad, but true…)
  • I don't get why the likes of Jackson National Life and Auto-Owners are moving out into the middle of nowhere. This isn't like when companies relocate to existing developed suburbs or offices. There is literally NOTHING around either of these two sites. I just don't get it. Jackson National and Auto-Owners both had rather nice and large structures in Lansing and Delta Township that could have easily been expanded upon.
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