Lansing Area Photos and Construction Updates

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I made this thread to aggregate pictures and construction updates from around the area.

I finally made it out and took some pictures around downtown and the Red Cedar area. Flickr album with pictures:

[Edit by Jared on June 1, 2024: I've had to remove these pictures from this post as our bandwidth is at peak levels and these are large images hosted on our server. The images that were on this post can be found in the flickr link above.]


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    Pictures from around downtown (also more pics in that Flickr link):
    There's not much visible progress on the outside of the Lake Trust Building, just some trash shoots out of windows. They finished drilling the foundation for the new building a couple weeks ago, I'd expect above ground work to begin before too long.

    [Edit by Jared on June 1, 2024: I've had to remove these pictures from this post as our bandwidth is at peak levels and these are large images hosted on our server. The images that were on this post can be found in the flickr link above.]

    New Michigan Realtors Building
    Work on the new LCC Ramp
    Metro Place
    Capitol annex construction
    Capitol View apartments (renovated Oliver Towers)
  • Thank you for posting, it's great to see all of the pictures! In your photo album there's one from the Staples parking lot and I think the lack of maintenance in their parking lot as well as the scale of the Red Cedar project shows how much room there is still to grow for the surrounding properties.
  • @hood, the reason you couldn't post any more pictures is because the pictures you uploaded are so large in filesize that they used up all of the available storage I have in my hosting account. Can you resize your pictures before uploading? I had to delete some other files off of the server to temporarily make it happy.
  • Wow so much water, it really is amazing to think most of that water is runoff that would have went straight into the river. I think all these pounds are already helping to reduce flooding . I was wondering about the house shaped building with the pitched roof lines, what is that going to be? There is a bank [was/frost?] of wild flowers along the east side stream and a lager area of flowers in the new Ranney Park. Thank you for posting these pictures it is nice to get a good look at these projects rather than just a drive by look. The Capitol project is finally coming together, I like the stone block look of the Walnut Street underpass and the "Lansing" street lamps, much nicer, less dark and gloomy like Pine Street still is. I am looking forward to seeing the west side of the Capitol landscaped and green. I always hated that surface lot back there.
  • @Jared I went ahead and resized all the pictures, sorry I thought it would automatically resize on uploading.

    @gbdinlansing I believe that house shaped building is supposed to be a restaurant, I don't think they've said anything about exactly what yet. And yeah, lots and lots of water. In the additional Flickr photos you can see some pictures where the river is way up, the path under the Kalamazoo St bridge was probably 3ft under water.

    The walk around the Red Cedar area is really nice with the new ponds and new development on one side and the river on the other, I imagine when the development is finished and the path along the north side of the ponds is completed it will really add the feel. There is still some work to be done I imagine. There still weren't any trail signs, trash cans or benches and I had been half expecting some sort of deck out over the pond over there but it may still come. I was going to snap some pics of the Ranney Park area as well but there wasn't much to see, it looks like all they did this year was the earth moving. I imagine we'll see the paths, landscaping and plantings installed next year.
  • @hood, no worries, yeah it would be great if it resized upon uploading. I would have expected that too.
  • I stopped by and grabbed a quick picture of the Lake Trust site with my phone. Work is well under way on the first floor columns.
  • Thanks for posting this picture. I guess it is just not necessary at this point, but they have yet to take down the small brick office building on S Washington. I am looking forward to the new buildings going up on S. Washington, I don't think they would be renovating that building, it's removal might signal the construction of the Washington Ave side of the block is starting.
  • I don't know what to expect from them on the Washington side of the property. I still have a feeling it's one of the sites in play for the new performing arts center, along with the Atrium Building and probably a couple other options. I'm just glad to see the Hilldale St building actually going up, hopefully it's a successful project for them and they do something a little more impressive facing Washington.
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    I was walking by and snapped a quick picture of the progress on the new apartment building on the Lake Trust block. The building looks to be structurally complete and they're now installing windows, it's moving along fairly quickly.
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