Stadium North Lofts

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Looks like prep work began on Stadium North Lofts, this week. They've closed off the eastern-most lane of Cedar from approximately Saginaw Street to just before Shiawassee. I believe BWL or Consumers has some structure on a tiny plot of land which the site surrounds that they need to relocated or something.


Anyway, one will be family housing (66 units, 1 to up to 3 bedrooms) at a (slightly?) lower price-point than a lot of the new stuff they've built downtown, and the other building will be independent senior living (66 units, 1 or 2 bedrooms). I believe the family housing is the one that will front Cedar with the senior housing centered more in the interior of the site.


  • Nice. This may not be the most impressive project but I'm really happy to see it actually happening. The Cedar/Larch corridor has a lot of potential to grow.
  • I agree. Nothing that will awe anyone, but this type of infill will bring a lot more life and activity to this corridor.
  • I'm always of the opinion that more people living downtown will lead to more development, and support what's already there. It's not a thrilling project, but it is good infill. I think adding different ages and incomes will only help the downtown area. Hopefully they don't "value engineer" the hell out of it.
  • It is great that this area is being turned into a residential neighborhood. The design is so standard these days, why I don't know! I think the small blocks of retail buildings on Shiawassee could turn into an urban village center. As has been pointed out before, they really need to calm the traffic in this area for safety and ascetic considerations. I believe that now with even more people living downtown the new food court/game club will be successful.
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    This has been under construction for quite awhile, now, but the paper finally did a piece on it:


    Work begins on $33M affordable housing development in Stadium District
    LANSING — Developers have begun work on a $33 million affordable housing development on the site of an old dairy company in the city's Downtown Stadium District.

    The developer, Ohio-based Pivotal Communities, and general contractor, Orion Construction of Grand Rapids, said Stadium North Lofts and Stadium North Senior Lofts should be finished in the spring of 2024 on property at North Cedar and Erie streets, a few blocks north of Jackson Field.

    Senior Apartments
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    I was pleasantly surprised when I've been passing this within the last week or so that there is actual brick being added as part of the facade, and not the cheap, pre-cast fau-brick. They are actually applying individual bricks, which is a bit of surprise considering that this will be (semi-)affordable housing. Another rare case where the actual building will look better than the renderings.
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    Market-rate building from today:


    I really thought they were going to bury the utilities, but what happened is that they extended the height of the poles, and simply moved what I think are the BWL wires up. So, some residents will still have a view of telephone wires out of their windows. lol I see their website says a May 2024 opening is planned, which is a bit further off than I thought it'd be.

    Anyway, as I said in my last post, you can see how nicely the bricked turned out, particularly given that this won't be luxury, or even upscale housing. I kind of wish they'd have done the whole thing in brick, but then they'd have had to force the price-points to be upscale. lol
  • They did not extend the height of the poles, just extended the top cross beam towards the street to move the higher voltage wires away from the building a bit. I'm no certain but that doesn't look like something that was done to be permanent, if you ever heard any mention of utilities going below ground I'd bet that's still part of the plan.
  • No, I've not heard any mention of it.
  • I was curious on this as well so I reached out to my connection the is an electrical engineer in power distribution. Generally they will do this temporarily to make it safer for the construction workers then put it back to what it was after construction. There is a possibility they could put in taller poles but underground is pretty unlikely.

    I'm always curious when they do temporary things like this.
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