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  • hood, the renderings do look sweet, the homes inside are really cool also, but as a former residential Realtor, the comments of my clients were that they were not thrilled with the mixed use concept, proximity to student apartments, and the teeny size of the lots. Granted, the majority were people from the midwest, and weren't able to grasp the big picture.
  • The problem is that most people who would like that sort of thing would not want to live in a new subdivision, mixed use or not. They would rather have the "real thing." Thats sort of the way I feel, but only time will tell how successful it will be. The unkown marketability and resale of these mixed-use properties will also be holding them back until the resale market has proven itself.
  • Plywood Acres. One good stiff wind and...
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    A private urban-farming group, Hoop-De-Dew, has approached the Gillespie Group about using 5 of the undeveloped acres at the Beaumont for an urban farm. They plan to lease the land for $1 from Gillespie.
    Darcy Schmitt, East Lansing planning and zoning administrator, said if the conditional rezoning is green-lighted, the developer could at any time choose to begin construction and the property would revert to its original zoning.
    The property is currently zoned for mixed use, and would have to be temporarily rezoned to agriculture. Also, the State News had a short blurb about it a week ago.
  • Great idea! No need to let land sit fallow while awaiting development.
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