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I was just wondering what peoples thoughts and speculations are on what GM is currently doing and what they may be planning for Lansing, both the Delta Plant and their old sites.

GM seems to be up to something more than what meets the eye, they are constructing a massive railroad head just south of the plant, I heard from an employee it is one of the largest in the nation. GM bought some 2,000 acres at the Delta site and they are ony using a small portion of it. There are rumors that they may move their proving grounds there and/or build another sister plant to Delta. These speculations are not hard to beleive when you step back and look at the known facts about site size, and the large railhead also seems to confirm larger plans.

I realize there was already plenty of discussion about the fate of the old plants on UP, and for me, it really boils down to the fact that GM to my knowledge has never been so quick to tear dow old vacant plants. The sites are slated to be completely cleared within two years of their closing, which is very impressive. One thing I'm curious about is whether or not they are doing environmental clean-up...

And finally, What is to come of the Crafte Center and the Metal Fabricating Plant? GM origionally stated that the Metal Fabricating Plant would be the first to close, now it remains open (I think) and the closing date seems to be continually getting pushed back. And the Crafte Centre has been closed for some time, with rumors of a custom car company taking it over, I forget their name though. Like I said, I just want to hear others input, speculation, and/or knowledge about this stuff.


  • I personally would doubt that they would be building another plant. From what I keep hearing in the news, the financial outlook for GM isn't too great, and honestly, union wages and benefits are expensive. I wouldn't be surprised if GM started building cars in Mexico, but you could be right hood. A lot of times, companies don't really want outsiders to know whats going on until they announce it, and you may have read between the lines and have a good prediction.
  • GM doesn't seem to impressed with building cars in mexico, they already have plants there, yet they continue to build plants in the US. The only thing I can tjhink of is that Mexican plants must not be as profitable and/or are not producing quality vehicles. Also, it gives GM horrible PR, a lot of people who buy GM buy it because they want American built.
  • It's quite clear to me that even in the bad waters that GM is in, right now, they seem committed to the Lansing area. Lansing Car Assembly, and now Grand River Assembly, routinely rank as some of the most efficient plants in their North American operations. There is also a wealth of skilled GM workers in the area. We shouldn't necessarily bank on this, but it seems like GM is more committed, here, than almost any other area of the United States. They've already moved some operations to the South, and then south of the border.

    Hood, which plant were you talking about for the railroad head?
  • The Delta Township Plant, when you are going down I-96 you will see a large piece of land being graded and small outbuildings going up just south of the plant. If you want a closer look, go down Davis Hwy, the northern end of the site borders it, you can also drive the length of the site by going down the first road to the left after I-96, I think Guinea Hwy. On that road there is a sign that says something about CN Railroad and Transdevelopment Group, it lists a website but there is no info about that particular project on there. It's obvious from looking at it that it will be a railyard, but it was a GM employee that confirmed that the entire site will be a railyard, which is shocking. If you go by this site you will see why, this will make for a massive railyard that would seem to be far larger than needed for just the Delta Plant and its suppliers, enough for many many tracks.
  • Hey, if you could get an aerial from Google or Terraserver and mark it up to show what you mean, that would be great. I know very little about the layout of Delta Township south of 496.
  • One of many GM stories in todays business section of the LSJ:What will General Motors do with all of that extra land?
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    Well, GM will be tearing down Crafte Center, Metal Fabrication and the Old Oldsmobile HQ building: GM to raze 2 plants, Olds office building
  • I don't get why they are razing the office building, but the other two were expected to go. GM's being awfully quick in making it look as if they were never here besides the Grand River Plant. lol And, why they won't even give a hint as to what they have envisioned for these sites is beyond me. I mean, I'd at least like to know if they want to keep all of these industrial or use them for other uses. At the end of the day, this is still their land.
  • I drove by the Verlidden plant today, there's not much left except the outer wall. At least from what I can tell. It'd be really interesting to get in there and look around. But I don't feel like getting arrested.
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