LCC University Center



  • Looking at the webcam, they are moving along pretty quickly.
  • construction is coming along nicely and I'd have to say it looks a lot bigger than what I expected it too look in person.

    Here's a screenshot from the webcam:
  • The progress at the LCC University Center:

  • For some odd reason I'm really likely the smokey grey brick.
  • Before I even read your comment LMich, I was thinking the same exact thing. I can't remember if the old structure will still be used or if it will be torn down, but I am interested in seeing how they are going to transition the exterior design between the two structures.
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    They said back when this was proposed that the old Carnegie library is being incorporated into the design. In fact, they've been renovating it for some time, now. They'd have demolished like they did Old Central, long ago, if they'd been planning on tearing it down.
  • I don't have any photos, but has anyone else notice that significant parts of the facade are faced in quality walls of copper? It's so cool. Copper is a very rare facade material these days, and from the renderings, I had no idea they'd be adding coppper, but it's there.
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