Google Earth/Sketch-Up

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I don't think I ever got around to posting these on UrbanPlanet, but here are some rendered views of downtown. I've still got a few more buildings that I'd like to do, but most of them are there. If there are any particular views or building close-ups you'd like to see, just post a request here.

Overall view of downtown looking Southwest.

Looking East down the Capitol Plaza.

Looking West down Michigan Ave.

Looking Northeast at Sparrow.


  • hood, those are really nice. did you know that MSU has it's buildings all put in to a google earth file? the buildings are drawn in alright, but if i remember correctly, the heights are all the same.
  • Are they in Google Earth or do they have to be downloaded from somewhere? Also, if anyone wants these buildings I can email them the file.
  • That's very nice, Hood!
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