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I'm surprised there wasn't a thread for this project.

Here's an update now that the project has finished. Legend's Gyros will be moving in to the old Taco Bell location across from Stonehouse Village 2. I am surprised to see somebody want to move in to a building that so many people will associate with Taco Bell due to it's architecture. I just hope that the building is redeveloped within the next 15 to 20 years.


  • Here is the State News article about the restaurant: Legend's Gyros
  • Another update to the Stonehouse Village thread, also with a change to the thread.

    Another retail tenant has moved in to Stonehouse Village. Insomnia Cookies, open from 8:00pm to 2:30pm, is a new chain that started out east and specializes in selling cookies with delivery. Think Mrs. Fields with delivery. The store will also allow customers to walk in and make purchases. The storefront will be the first for the franchise. There is more news in an article in the State News.

    It appears that this actual building is being called "Stonehouse Village 1", and not 2. I was under the impression that the building with the Blockbuster in the first floor was the first in this era for the Stonehouse Village block, but I guess the developers don't agree. I am planning on changing this thread's title to reflect the change.
  • Stonehouse Village 2 (the one on Grand River) has been axed due to no funding from the state. The state says that the project is too small to get the grants they are looking for. The city of east lansing is looking in to using funds from the Stonehouse 3 parking structure to fund the Stonehouse 2 development. But for now, consider the Stonehouse Village 2 development to be "stonewalled".
  • Construction for the project should start mid-April.
  • What construction? Of the paraking structure? Where will that be located in relation to the other proposed and built structures of Stonehouse?
  • The construction will be the parking structure with the ~33 rental units above. This is at the corner, immediately north of Stonehouse Village 1.
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    Thanks. So, the deck will be city owned and developed? I'm confused.
  • The deck will be city owned, but many of the spots will be leased to the residents of the building, similar to City Center 1. The construction and development is being done by the developer for the residential, and the city will pay back the developer for the cost of the parking structure for a number of years (my understanding).
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