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  • They are now excavating on the Larch side of the site. It looks like they may dig a hole the size of the entire building footprint, it appears they are going pretty deep too, maybe 15-20 feet. Has anyone heard if there will be a basement or underground parking here? Thats the only reason I could imagine them digging the way they are.
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    Interesting. I'd heard of no basement levels, and none of the literature had ever mentioned underground parking (which would have been a huge selling point). I'm not familiar with the different types of foundation, but is it possible they are just digging a different type of foundation?

    Perhaps, you should contact Gillespie and ask him about this.
  • 15-20 feet does seem like underground parking. That is the same depth that Campus Village 2 looked to dig to, and they will be having underground parking if I remember right, or at least first floor parking. I guess it could also be for structural supports that they wanted to anchor the steel pretty deep in the ground. Also with a building of that size, they may need to put in sewers and other pipes that deep.
  • Actually, going by the site just a few minutes ago this is almost certainly underground sewer work. You can see the tubes and everything.
  • Thats what I thought when I first seen them digging, but when I looked at the size and depth of the hole it didn't seem to make much sense. Especially given the size, the hole exxtends from roughly as far back as the building is supposed to go nearly up to michigan Ave and it was a little less than 1/4 the width of the site at about 10 this morning. I would have to sat though, that underground parking would be wise, although I would assume that would be a publicized bragging point if they were going to have it.
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    Since this is a thread for the entire Stadium District, I thought I'd post this, here.

    It looks like the owners at the Mobile Gas Station at the southeast corner of Michigan and Larch across from Rum Runners are finally dismantling the building. A team was out there going full steam ahead on the demolition of the building, today.

    BTW, the city assessor property look-up tool says the owners are AG & G Real Estate, and the address is gives would be on-site (608 East Michigan).

    Boundary Map of the Stadium District


    Also, it appears the old Michigan Refrigeration Warehouse on East Kalamazoo and East Street (train tracks), the one that burnt in December 2006, is soon to come down:


    30-day Deadline Set For Building
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    BTW, I also noticed something odd, today. The one-story shack-like building directly north of the City Garage on Cedar Street (316 North Cedar Street) was being repainted and worked on, today. According to the city, it's owned by Gonzalo Rios, who after Eyde and Gillespie owns quite a bit of property in the Larch/Cedar corridor. He's the CEO of Inline Design, the marketing firm behind the old A-to-Z Rental lot. It looks like he's going to cash out big whenever Gillespie moves forward with his plans for the area.
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