Metro Lansing transit thread

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What do you think of the Lansing area's transit? Could it be improved or is it alright as it stands?

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    Just so you know, Lansing is in the top five MSA's in the state. It's after Detroit and Grand Rapids, in fact. It's also the third largest CSA after Detroit and Grand Rapids.
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  • The only thing I'd like to see is a light rail line that baically traces the Entertainment express route, at least for the first phase. Later I'd like to see light rail expanded north on Washington to Shiawassee, then turn onto Seymour and head up to the Airport (with no or few stops in between shiawassee and the airport.) Then maybe it could head south down Washington to the RR tracks and turn around where the old train station is. Also having some express routes that go from CATA to parking garages/parking lots outside of downtown to ferry people into downtown would be great, and probably the most beneficial.
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