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  • Yeah, the real problem with this one is that the City of Lansing really had little say in this this being a state project, and all. The two developers also simply waited the city out (and the former GOP legislature) so that the city lost focus on this project, and then rammed it through state government. Critics are right to call this a sweetheart deal. Apart from the horrible design, the actual deal really doesn't make sense for the state, especially since the state will be paying more for less.
  • Sorry LMich, I don't check the site regularly. I know I'm in the minority, but to me I don't think it's terrible when I look at it. I agree that it's not a great design, like the current headquarters (I love that building!), but to me it looks fine. I guess I'm also waiting to see the finalized design though.
  • It's a done deal. Now to see if it ends up looking like the preliminary drawings - a boxy building surrounded by a 7-foot-tall concrete wall.
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    New state police building OK'd

    It's still a rough rendering so maybe we could still see some minor to moderate changes in the design, hopefully anyways.
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    I think reading the comments on are funny. They're all upset because of the money being spent, and the fact that police officers are "spoiled", etc. But here we all are frustrated with the design, and the fact that such a prominent location is being used like this.

    The differing perspectives are humorous.

    What none of the commentors seems to understand is that MSU has really doing the state a favor for a long long time, and while this isn't the ideal situation for anyone, MSU wanted they're land back (and that's there prerogative).
  • On the note of people who comment on LSJ stories, their idiots. I am constantly amazed at their stupidity, I try to avoid reading the comments now because someone is usually saying something dumb enough to really make me mad. Sometimes its hard not to leave a response, but it would be in vane anyways.

    I think MSU has a right to get back there land, and I think MSP desperately needs a new building. But I hate this design, and for the pricetag it's just ridiculous, I hope that the $45 million figure is inluding interest over the life of the lease or something.
  • I read the comments mostly for the humor of it all. But I am constantly surprised at the stupidity, negativeness, and bigotry that is constantly displayed there on a daily basis. It's scary is what it is.
  • It's just people complaining because they can. I really believe that if the same story had said that the new building was shot down they would have complained about the State not putting money into protecting its people, or whatever. Anyways, my whole problem with the State Police moving is that I'm afraid their current HQ buildings are going to be razed. I love driving by them on Harrison. They are so cool looking.
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    I think they could have done better all around.
  • Yep. I'll reiterate that I think this is bad for so many reasons including first and foremost, the location that this is going at (a prime riverfront location that will be just as unutilized as ever now that this is being built), the design (looks like a kid put it together, and looks cheap), the cost (I'd expect this for a building that at least included a helipad and other amenities), etc...The only benefit is the temporary jobs that will be created, and the 500 or so new employees downtown, most that probably won't be sticking around, especially after leaving this concrete bunker, which is just what it is. I'm just going to stop complaining about it, though. It's a done deal now, and any changes to the design will be marginal.
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