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It looks like this plan may be moving forward, on a smaller scale than origionally proposed.

State police proposal revived

I have no clue how tall it will be, being 148,000 sq ft would point to something shorter, but the $45 million price tag points to something taller. I think were going being that they say there will be 150 surface parking spots I think we're going to see somthing with about the footprint of Grand Tower, and between 10 and 14 floors.


  • thats kind of what i expect, and i would hope that they build it closer to the river, allowing leaving the surface parking lot near the curb for more infill. or maybe building it near the corner, and leaving a lot of greenspace near the river.
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    I hope they didn't mean 150 surface parking spaces. I don't want to see any surface lots on this site. I kind of fell I'm going to be let down, here, because, I never wanted to land used for a state office building in the first place. I have a bad feeling this may be a squat suburban office building brought to an urban downtown. We'll have to wait and see though.

    Just for a comparison, the original 405,000 square foot proposal (which was 10-stories filling the whole site, BTW) was $100 million, and this new proposal is $45 million at 148,000 square feet. All that said, either way, this is going to be a significant structure.
  • hood, do you think adding 148,000 sq ft will fill the class A office space that you have been saying Lansing could use? I remember you talking about the vacancy rate for class A office space, and that it is low enough for another building. Will this fill the void?
  • This is going to be a state office building. Those don't count in commercial measures of the commercial office market.
  • I didn't know how much the MSP would occupy of the 148,000 sq ft.
  • The whole structure is being built for them, just like before. The only difference, here, is that the Veteran's Affairs offices are no longer included.
  • This structure is actually leased, so it will count in the office market vacancy reports. However since the majority, if not all the employees moving here will be from State-owned space, it will actually lower the vacancy rate further, but won't have any real affect on the market (besides probably raising land value of the surrounding area and further improving the perception of downtown.)

    Also I do beleive they mean surface parking spaces, but I'm sure Ferguson wouldn't mind arranging the site so hea can build more there in future, making him more money. And if not him then the state may look at the site for a future office building.
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    You're right. This is being built by the State Building Authority, so it will technically count, though, it will be filled, so it basically won't count.

    As for how much of the site is taken up, it really does depend on whether they are going to go up or out. As you know, the last 10-story proposal filled the whole site, just about. The remaining space was used for a parking garage.

  • I hope the development will be incorporating the river. I don't think I can put enough emphasis on how important it is for a project like this to start shifting the focus towards the river.
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    My dad heard at work last week that this was approved by the capitol outlay comittee last Thursday, they also passed a timeline with completion set for 2009 or 20 months.
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