City Council Meetings

edited July 2006 in East Lansing
At the recent City Council work session, one of the items was expanding the northern tier bike path. They agreed to spend $161,000 dollars. I very much like the bike path, and I hope that one day it will connect to the Riverwalk bike path, but I hope that they will calm down on spreading north. I think that the bike path is almost encouraging developers to move further north, since there are more amenities to offer. I hope that they would focus on pulling the bike path south. I have talked with a couple people already about plans on getting the bike path connected to the Riverwalk. The proposed plan would bring the path to Ranney Park next to Frandor, and then near the Red Cedar golf course and connect there.

What do you think about a connection between the Northern Tier bike path and the Riverwalk trail?


  • I think this would be a great addition to the area. I've been watching the Riverwalk expansion with great interest. Happily for me, it now connects to Scott Woods/Hawk Island, which is right by my house. I also remember a couple years ago that Meridian Twp was discussing a bike path and a possible connection to the West, but I don't think anything ever came of that.
  • thanks for the input Clifford. it's always nice to hear another voice around here. I think it would just top off Ranney Park if the could get the riverwalk through there, now that they have the skatepark, tennis courts, and softball diamond.
  • I always feel that the Riverwalk is an overlooked asset to the area, but one that also has a lot of potential.
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