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  • Jared, $350 a month is a ridiculously low rent. That shows just how worthless those properties are, $350 is simply unfeasable for ANY kind of new construction unless there are subsidies. Junk apartments in Lansing bottom out at around $400, and there are very, very few apartments in that price range. I would be extremely suprised if they can get them down to $500 a month.
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    The East Village Project seems to be continuing to inch forward, albeit slowly. However, the LSJ's making it sound like this latest milestone is a pretty large one that will propel the Pierce Co. to putting together some final plans, and getting construction to start as early as '09.
  • More interesting than this State News article is actually the "comment" at the bottom by, who appears to be, Pierce Education Properties VP for marketing properties Theresa Nakata.

    In the post, she claims that the article's comment that the East Village student properties rent, per person, would be around what Campus Village is now is entirely untrue. She believes that the student properties will likely be around $369 per person, comparing that price to what Chandler's Crossings is now. She also states that any rumors that the rent and Chandler's will skyrocket once the East Village project begins, and the students are "displaced," are entirely false.

    Just as a side note, has anyone else noticed how the "comment" area at has created a lot of controversy since it's been implemented? Any articles about YAF, the daily police briefs, the article about Joan Howarth being selected as the new law dean, and the article this past football season by a MSU student who "laughed" when Drew Stanton was injured during the '04 U-M game, have all had a ton of posts sparking a lot of debate.
  • The comments section on both the State News, and the LSJ aren't really good for anything other than a laugh, or if you feel like getting pissed off. Otherwise they don't really serve any constructive purpose what-so-ever.
  • I'm showing three images about the Cedar Village (East Village) tomorrow night at SCENE Metrospace. I'd love to talk with some of you there! 6-9pm (SCENE is in the colorful parking structure).
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    New East Village Newsletter sent yesterday. Not nearly as much new info as the last issue had, but some interesting points that the previous e-mail in Janurary didn't touch on:

    * Residential - 965 units
    * 1,500 beds of Rental housing for undergraduate students
    * 300 units of Rental housing for graduate students, faculty, staff & the workforce
    * 190 units of For-sale housing for graduate students, faculty, staff, alumni & the workforce

    * Parking - approximately 3,700 underground and above-grade parking spaces

    As you can see they are now finally listing space specifcally devoted to undergrads. However, note that the undergrads number is 1,500 BEDS while the other rental housing/for-sale housing are listed as UNITS. I guess, subtracting 300 and 190 from the 965 unit total, that about 475 units would be allotted for undergrads. This isn't an incredible number, but it's actually a majority, which is positive considering it appeared at times they were looking to minimize the undergrad presence as much as possible.

    * March 2008 - February 2009: MOU Phase II – Design/Development Agreement
    * Programming
    * Design
    * Land Assembly
    * Leasing/Marketing
    * Financing
    * City Approval & Permitting

    * 2009-2011 : Phase Three Project Development:
    * Construction (estimated for late summer 2009)
    * Leasing/ Marketing
    * Operation
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    Someone needs to tell these students that they're not doing themselves any favors by causing riots like these if they want to save Cedar Village. Events like this just reinforce to the surrounding community that something should change in that part of town.

    Cedar Fest turns violent
    Lansing State Journal

    EAST LANSING - Police fired off several rounds of tear gas after a crowd of about 3,000 at Cedar Fest early this morning turned violent.

    The event, which police said had been simply a peaceful gathering at the corner of Cedar Street and Waters Edge Drive for much of the evening, began to turn ugly shortly after 1 a.m.

    Dozens of arrests were made as police broke up fights and detained girls who flashed their breasts. As the night wore on toward 2 a.m., the officers who entered the mob found themselves dodging an increasingly more frequent barrage of glass, cans and beer.

    Continued at the link above...
  • The story even got picked up on the Drudge Report today.
  • Things are going to change, regardless. East Village, in one form or another, seems to be a foregone conclusion. The riot will only expediate, that. These type of events are the perfect argument against student ghettos. lol
  • The State News has an article up on whether Cedar Fest will expedite the East Village plans at all, and the consensus answer seems to be no. Ted Staton is, however, making the East Village sound like an inevitability rather than a possibility, which is good or bad depending on how you view the project.
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