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  • This hasn't been discussed in FOREVER, and for good reason. I, for one reason or another today, decided to check out the project website. The last "update" is from this past fall, when it was noted that the project was put "on hold due to the recession and its impact on the development industry and capital markets." It's noted that the project isn't technically "dead," but it's not progressing at all for the foreseeable future.
  • I sorta figured that. This is one that I expect to see move forward in the future though. Its a large project backed by a major development company, it's just a matter of when the credit market gets better.
  • Yeah, Cedar Village has been long overdue for a makeover for years, now, and that's not going to change. This is one of the few projects that I say "when" and not "if" for. It's not as if the location is every going to be undersirable to developers. It's probably one of the most stable markets in the entire metro area simply because students have to live there because of its convenience.
  • Core Spaces, which has said in passing it's working on another building behind The Hub on Campus, has sent some suggestons of zoning changes in the East Village overlay district, which would help further facilitate redevelopment:

    Like the developers downtown, they want a slight increase in the maximum allowed height in the district. But just generally, the changes requested for this district really just wants the city to acknowledge that the experiment in trying to push student housing out of the district has failed, and that it makes since to have a student village immediately across the street from campus.

    I don't support every suggested change; for instance, I'm not sure the request for the elimination of a ground floor commercial space requirement is wise, and it really just seems like something to save the developers from having to put in the work of filling retail space. But a lot of the other suggestions seem beyond reasonable, such as the onerous rental restrictions meant to prevent the construction of student housing in the district

    Read through it; it's not every long.

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    Looks like the rumored Core Spaces building has a formal proposal. The Planning Commission will have a public hearing at their September 11 meeting for.

    131-227 Bogue: This is a proposal for two, 14-story, 152-foot buildings with a total of 720 units and parking for 400 vehicals in a structure. It will be a mix of housing from efficencies to 4-bedroom units to row houses. Of course Core does primarily student housing, but the addition of rowhomes sounds intriguing. I guess this is why the Downtown Development Authority will review the proposed changes to the East Village zoning district, tomorrow. The big change is that they want a height limit of 165 feet (with approval by council) for the district, and now we see why.

    Here are the draft changes to the East Village zoning code as proposed by the developer:

    And here is the city staff's recommedations breaking down the changes:

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