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I read an article in the LSJ today about a development in Livingston County that was just approved. The development will be Livingston County's largest development in history, and will have more than 2,000 housing units over 1,200 acres.

There will be 995 single-family homes, 528 townhouses, 352 condominium units and 208-unit age-restricted condos.

The property is owned by Bill and Peter Anest of Illinois, and they expect another 18 months to get final site-plan approval.


  • Regardless of the townhomes, and such, this is just another sprawl development that will continue to wreak havoc on the infastructure of Livingston County. The county has nearly 200,000 residents, but only one city over 10,000, and two incorporated cities total.
  • This is a huge development. It would be nice to see some regional cooperation among these counties to stop these sprawl developments. The infrastructure is not there for this, and the traffic will continue to get worse as people commute from further out.
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    I'm trying to figure out who they are building this for? What, to continue to simply 'steal' residents from surrounding counties? It's not exactly as if Michigan is still growing, anymore, so this is yet another game of what I call "musical houses". No new residents are being added to Metro Detroit, so all they are doing is stealing people out of Oakland and western Wayne Counties to continue to perpetuate sprawl. Before you know it, Detroit will have sprawled up 96 to Lansing.

    I wouldn't have such a huge problem with this if they were simply concentrating it where the infrastructure is already built. Splitting this between Howell and Brighton where the roads and sewer lines already exist would be great. They are essentially creating an entire new village.
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    Not sure where else I'd post these, so I'll put them here. This is the redevelopment of the former K-Mart in Charlotte. I can't remember the developers right now, but I'll check the sign out front if I remember tomorrow. From what I've heard the tenants are to include Dunham's Sports, Peebles, and Panera Bread. Here are some pics of the current status.
  • Since we're on the topic of other developments around Michigan. Here is the proposal for the Secchia Center in Grand Rapids that MSU is building for its new west campus Medical School.

  • I'm still dissapionted that MSU is spending so much money on their GR campus, that could have been in Lansing, we need it. We don't have 2-3 multi-billionaire philanthropist to throw money at numerous non and for-profit investments, we need all the investment that we can get, especially from hometown entities.
  • OK more info on the Charlotte development. The name of the project is going to be Charlotte Exchange. There are 10 suites available. The project website is at Alliance Commercial Group's website.
  • Me too Hood. I've expressed those exact same thoughts.
  • Yes, GR is lucky (in a way) to have the DeVos and VanAndles and Secchias, etc...I was disappointed, too, to here that Grand Rapids was going to be the new base of the medical school. But, you can't argue with money when you have philathropists putting up what amounts to free dollars.
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