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What internet service provider do you all use? I'm really not happy with Comcast, neither the price nor the service, but I still hear they are the fastest for high-speed. What other providers are out there with similar speed but less price?


  • Try Ameritech or better yet, the local company Arialink. I have Comcast, because we live outside the range of DSL, where you have to be within a certain distance of the phone switch.
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    Does anyone have any stats on average speed? I don't want to transfer to something slower if I can help it. I'm really illiterate when it comes to this type of stuff, and there is simply no way to get the proper information from the competing commercials some of these companies run against eachother (i.e. Comcast bashing AT&T)
  • There isn't much in Lansing that compares with the speed of Comcast (which is what I have). The base Comcast package is 4Mb/sec down stream, and besides DSL, nothing in Lansing even comes close. AT&T dsl starts off at 768kb/sec, and I think goes up to 1.5Mb/sec.

    If you're going to switch, and you're in their coverage area, check out They offer DSL speeds up to 5Mb/sec for prices comparable to Comcast.
  • I have TDS/Metrocom but the speeds are around 1.5Mb download. I'm online all of the time and I never felt my connection was atrocious. I'm downloading music and video clips, google earth. The whole 9.
  • DSL service really depends on where you're at in relation to the main service hubs in Lansing. I remember a while ago I found a list of their locations, but now I can't remember. The only one I know for sure is over near Waverly & Grand River. I think there's also one on Cedar just north of Old Town. The closer you are to the service hubs, the better your connection will be.
  • Arialink offers up to 3 Mbs regular service, AT&T offers up to 6 Mps for $35/month, and offers 5 Mps for $20/month or up to 20 Mps for an unpublished price. Also, Arialink plans to begin offerring WiMax to the Lansing area in the relatively near future.
  • I can't say I'd be willing to pay for 20mps service (at what I'm sure is an awful price), but man would that be cool....
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    The offerings and prices in the US are atrocious in comparison to other countries. Long live the Bells and the FCC! Grrr.....
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    Or you could visit a couple places in downtown East Lansing where Arialink has free wi-fi setup. :)
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    Just don't camp outside a coffee shop everyday. Some guy got arrested for that over in Sparta.
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