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Hi everyone. What do people know about the Ingham County Land Bank? I know they have completed a few projects up on Pennsylvania that look absolutely wonderful. Are they selling the properties or keeping them? Just wondered if anyone knew anything about it. :)


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    Land banks renovate houses to be sold.

    Here is their website:
  • The Land Bank owns the Dollar nightclub in East Lansing and is looking for a developer for the site. I'm hoping to see a good mixed-use building come in.
  • That's always been an odd location. On one side you have a relatively quiet home-owned residential neighborhood, on the other suburban-styled retail (i.e. Frandor area), but on the other side of the street dense student apartment blocks, and MSU dorms not that far away. I'd hope the area directly to the west, the struggling and stand-alone Frandor +/Plus Shopping Center, is eventually redeveloped more closely to the street.
  • Yeah that shopping center is dead, I wouldn't be at all suprised to see it redeveloped into some sort of residential complex, if were lucky a new-urbanist, mixed-use project. But more than likely something like Campus Village.
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