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  • The drawing looks interesting, and seems to indicate a gallery included as part of the new Vets. facility. It is a good idea to include a public space in a college building [if that is what that is] to help make the campus a part of, not apart from the community. The present building is a nice mid century building and I have to say it has a more harmonious and balanced design than either the new Catholic Conference building on W. Lenawee or new design for this one. I do like having 21st century design downtown.

    The landscaping project is looking really nice and moving right along. Maybe LCC could take over the streets too and get them paved.
  • My best guess is that maybe this will include some sort of student art gallery? I could definitely do without the current building, but this new design could easily turn out really good or really bad depending on workmanship and materials.

    LCC never did purchase the North Grand ramp, correct?
  • The new landscaping seems to be finishing up, and it looks really nice around LCC. I really like the rolling lawn in front of the new student center. It is unusual in Lansing to see a project that is nicer than it has to be, as it seems like they put a lot of thought and planning into the landscape project, and it will make the campus into a forest campus, a beautiful place to visit and study.
  • I noticed the new Clock Tower on the LCC campus is nearing completion. They have yet to install the clock faces, but so far it looks really nice and is a great improvement over the smoke stack/guard tower that was there for so long.

  • I came across this proposal for update to the center of LCC's campus. The design is buried in a proposal for the Royal Oak City Center project as a reference, (page 51).

    Looks really nice!

  • I have not been through the campus in a while, has this plan been built?

  • I haven't been by either, but the post says "Design proposal complete: 2018, awaiting funding" so I would assume it hasn't been completed.

  • I got a new bike for Christmas which I know jinxes the spring weather, but once it turns nice I will take a bike tour to see the campus, some of the features are in place I believe.

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