Metro Place (formerly Reutter Park Place, formerly The Lenawee)



  • I think the walkouts are at each end of the building, coming out from the second to top floor.
  • So, are you saying that what looks to be the 10th floor is really a double floor? I don't get the floor count, still.
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    Well the listing describes it as a 10th floor terrace, theres something more to it, I guess we'll have to wait to find out. And I think they are counting the penthouse as a floor, since it has locker rooms, bathrooms, ect...
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    In my research with, I was able to find today that the building will rise a total height of 180 feet tall, with the height of the decorative fin being 170'-4", and the rooftop running track rising some 140' over downtown Lansing. This is much taller than I'd estimated the structure to be. I was also able to find that, indeed, the "12th floor" is the roof area with the fitness center.
  • I'm glad to see that this building will have some good height. It should add to the skyline quite a bit.
  • I had asked a couple days ago about why For Sale signs were still at the YMCA building (site of the Lenawee Project) and Jared responded to that question. (the posts about that are under General Lansing Development)

    I walked by there today and the only sign present said "Financing Available by Bank of America" and had a contact phone number. If I remember correctly there were commercial real estate signs there just a couple weeks ago. I'm still just anxious to see more information on this and to know it's still moving forward, even if very slowly.
  • There is now a sign posted with a picture of the proposed building and large signs for Leasing space on the top of the YMCA building currently there.
  • Must have done that just today, because I was riding my bike in the neighborhood just yesterday and only saw the sign for the Lenawee at the corner of Townsend and Lenewee. What side of the facade is the sign on, Micro?
  • The sign for the project I mentioned I think is the same one you're talking about and is standing in the ground . The other signs are simply ones advertising for space to lease.
  • Hopefully the capitol city of Michigan ( Lansing) can see improvement, and countinue to grow positively.
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