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I stumbled upon this site and would like to formally say that it is very inspiring. When I came across it I noticed a few names that I recognized from the Urban Planet site, notably Lmich and hood.

I was wondering what the goal, of this site is, besides simply posting about development news. Are you looking to grow and add members? Market the site? Become a resource for people in the economic development field? To be sure, I really like this site and would like to help it reach whatever goals deemed adequate.

Personally, I am the former executive director of Reo Town and know several of the people whose projects are discussed in these forums and I think that they would be very interested in the conversations and information posted here. I guess I see this as a resource for the powers that be to ponder the public opinion of projects, in discussions that are handled in a very professional manner. I am willing to encourage my colleagues to check out this site, if it is cool with the administrators here.

I dont want to do anything without approval first.


  • I am interested to hear what other peoples aspirations are for the site.

    I like the way it is headed, and am always happy to see new members show up. I would like to use the site to market what Lansing has and increase interest in Lansing from residents and non-residents alike.
  • I really don't know what I would like to see in this site. I wish that more developers, politicians, ect, would check on this site and others like it, that would be great. There is a lot of potential in a lot of different directions for this site, I think that allowing for "organic" growth of the site is a good way to go, especially if the grand vision for it is still a bit unclear.
  • I like the organic growth idea. I also would be interested in how the overall economic development community would take it. I sit on committees for two large organizations and have thought about directing people here to get a feel for the "positive feedback and constructive critism" that I enjoy about this site. I hate reading the LSJ comments because of the terribly negative posts... no matter what the topic.
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