Lansing to EL light rail - is it viable?



  • Someone over on UP posted a link to this site:
    Michigan Avenue to Grand River Avenue Transportation Study
  • Just a heads up but the Michigan/Grand River Avenue Transportation Study is nearing its end, and passed a significant milestone back on the 24th of last month when the options that made the cut were Bus Rapid Transit, Light Rail, and Modern Streetcar. This is really a big deal that these made the cut for further study. The study is to wrap up this summer.

    Go to the website and check out the study, so far.
  • Route 1 had more than 1.7 million riders in 2009. On a given weekday, it carries more than 10% of the trips along the corridor with less than 1% of the vehicles. It is 10-15 minutes between each bus, and it has 7-day service from early AM to late at night (depends on the day).

    There's plenty to be excited about, and much more to learn about! Visit to see all of the completed documents, and follow along with daily updates at
  • Welcome JManzella! I'm assuming you're involved in the transportation study somehow?
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    It's my baby!! I'm the system planner for CATA and one of the assistant project managers on the study. Now that I've discovered this, i'll post updates as they come.
  • Its good to have someone "in the know"here. We'll appreciate the updates.
  • Hey JManzella,

    Welcome to the website. I heard that CATA has sold their trolleys. Does this mean that Entertainment Express is being re-purposed? Or have newer trolleys (or buses) been purchased to replace these?

    Also, have you been working/living in the Lansing area for a while or are you new to the area? It's always great to get more voices in the discussions here.
  • Hey Jared,

    I moved to Lansing via East Lansing about 2 years ago when I started working for CATA, I absolutely love this town. Great people, great things going on!

    As far as the trolley, those old ones needed to go... They were made in 1993, you're usually lucky to get 8-12 years out of a "medium duty" bus, which trolleys are categorized as. We bought new ones to replace the old ones, they were delivered a few months ago and we ran them for a bit before selling the old ones. The new ones are a lot more reliable, quieter, and a more comfortable ride.

    Trolleys are actually used for more than the Entertainment Express. During the day they are used in the Holt/Delhi area for demand response service and Route 19 (or they used to be on rt 19, we may have upped it to a full-size bus). Our executive office looooves those trolleys, so expect to see them around for a while!
  • Thanks! I think that the trolleys offer a nice niche ride and probably attract people who wouldn't normally ride the bus. I'm glad to hear nothings changing with Entertainment Express.
  • Is there any data available about the ridership for the Entertainment Express?
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