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  • It is interesting to see that mother nature is forcing the state to make road repairs! Maybe she can buckle up the whole of 496 it might be the only way they will ever repave what I think is a rather dangerous and poorly maintained freeway.

  • Great news that part of Penn. Ave was very bad! Pave On!

  • I'm surprised with how little fanfare it was revealed. I just found out on WLNS that the new CATA CEO has announced that rides will be free for MSU students on campus routes. HUGE deal. Apparently, MSU will pay for the service out of its budget to help students save money with rising tuitions and other costs. I like how bold this new CEO is being with new routes and such.

  • Several other peer schools have free bus service on all routes for their students. Hopefully, this will be expanded to the entire CATA route network.

  • Wow that is awesome to hear! Great way to increase usage of the buses and get people to leave their cars at home.

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    Update of the City of Lansing's road schedule to 2020:

    2019 projects appear to be in green if you want an idea of what's scheduled for next year. 2020 projects are in blue. This year's projects are in red. Looks like the most notable one for next year beyond the eastside pathway is the total resurfacing of Capitol Avenue through the downtown area. One I'm particulary excited about is the connection to the River Trail to Bear Lake in southeast Lansing. I've never been there and most people don't even know it exists.

  • Very good news!
    Is Bear Lake in the woods west 127? It looks quite deep on the google maps photo, I wonder if it was a gravel pit or a natural lake? It is so cool that we have a hidden lake in our city.

  • Now that they are calling the river trail improvements "the big fix" it reminded me of a few years back when they called a project "The Big Fix 496" or something like that, [I did not live here then], I have been wondering just what did they fix? I can not really tell except for some newer looking pavement on the westbound side near 127.

  • It was called "Putting the Fix on 496" in 2001. The road was rebuilt (new concrete) from the west end of the Grand River bridge east to US-127. They added the third/merge lane between exits 7 (Cedar/Penn) and 8 (US-127 North). The Cedar/Penn/Grand Ave interchanges were redone also (exits 7/7A). That section of freeway was closed for several months as I recall. The city had alternate routes mapped out online and I recall TV commercials about it at the time. West of Grand River had bridge repairs and crack sealing in the pavement.

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