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    Ostensibly a story about NIMBYs, I'm posting it because it reveals that a property owner might be seeking to build some affordable housing - thank god - behind the Whole Foods on Grand River in the west end of the township near the East Lansing border:

    Woda Cooper, a Columbus, Ohio-based developer, wants to rezone property at 2765 E. Grand River Ave. to more than triple the number of allowed housing units per acre.

    The developer wants to build 53 affordable townhome units on the property, which is located directly behind Whole Foods off Grand River Avenue.

    The property is an abandoned former mobile home park that Woda Cooper has an agreement to buy with some conditions — including the rezoning going through.

    The property has been vacant for nearly four years, according to Peter Menser, principal planner for Meridian Township

    The neighbors say they aren't against the type of housing, but the traffic, which is a valid concern. Early plans show completion of the street grid, linking Sirhal Drive on the west to Greencliffe Drive on the east, but that's not set in stone as this hasn't been through the full review process. It's completely possible the township may put a condition that that street link not be built. Though to be honest, I'd rather they complete that link, because the only other option is to simply access Grand River, which is already crazy.

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    For nimby's it's never the people or their incomes. It's always a different codeword so as not to appear discriminatory. I hope they build this and link the streets. The linking of the streets will be more convenient for the neighborhood too.
  • I find a little hard to believe that an abandoned mobile home park/green space was the reason people choose to live over there, or that the handicapped will be trapped in their homes if the build a street link through the dead ends. It's true that this area was the edge of town back 30 or 40 years ago, I used to go swimming at the gravel pits out there back in my college days. Today this neighborhood is in the middle of a lot of development, and this plan would not really change the neighborhood except I think to improve it.

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