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  • This is good news. The city responded [I wrote to the Mayor directly] to my request to repaint the lane markings for the new 3 lane configuration alining the old with the new pavement by Pattengill. Even though they are going to repave this area soon it is good that they repainted the lines as some drivers could not figure it out. It will be great to be able to use this street to get to E.L. and Okemos again. I am ready for some more ambitious goals like repave and rebuild 100 miles of streets a year for the next four years and get the job done[crazy goal I know]. When I look at the map of projects this year it seems like such a tiny fraction of what needs to be repaved.

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    Census estimate time. County level estimates came out, today. While they showed a slower growth for the 2017-2018 year, which could just be statistical noise, they revised the 2017 number over 3,000 additional new residents in the tri-county area. The previous 2017 number was 477,656 and the revised number was 480,353. Anyway, they estimate the 2018 number at 481,893. From 2010, metro Lansing is up 17,857 new residents; the percentage of the increase already is faster than the 90's or 00's, and just a bit more than the 80's. So metro Lansing will end up growing faster than at any time since the 70's by the end of the decade.

    What is clear is that when the city-level estimates come out in July, Lansing and East Lansing will have shown impressive growth most likely.

  • Man, St. John's industrial sector has been on a real tear in recent years. Good for them.

    MAHLE factory expansion in St. Johns means $2.9 million in investment, 25 new jobs

    Just from my own memory there is a huge dairy processing plant - one of the largest in the nation - and a massive indoor eel farm planned in the city in just the last year, two developments which would be a big deal in even a much larger city.

  • Good Slice Pizza to open on Michigan Avenue, serve TurboChef oven-fired pies by the slice

    LANSING — A pizza restaurant that vows to be different than others in the area has plans to open across from the Lansing Center on May 17.

    The fast-casual Good Slice Pizza Co. will offer pizza by the slice and occupy the former Aldaco's Taco 911 location at 414 E. Michigan Ave.

    Good Slice co-owner Scott VanGilder, 44, an Okemos native, lived in downtown Lansing for 15 years and is hopeful the restaurant can help revive the area.

    "We've seen the ebb and flow of businesses that have come and gone," VanGilder said. "Hopefully this will be a good addition to the strip."

    Looks like they'll be open until late (and really early) to get that bar crowd next door.

  • I never saw the taco place open, I used to think it was only open for bar hours. I am not downtown so much at night so who knows? The pizza place could be a success there are not any "good" pizza restaurants downtown other than a slice of Grand Ma style pizza at Roma Bakery. Also if it is not too "artisanal" as some oven-fired pizza places can be, there is one place in Old Town where the menu warns against asking to leave something off the pie, we are instructed to "trust them". I did and the sausage was so spicy and hot and there was so much of it I could not eat it. so yeah not like that!

  • I was messing around on the city website seeing if any more permits had been issued for a project, and noticed that across the street from 600 East Michigan the old Stamp Rite at 154 East Larch had been sold t the Gillespie's and they got a demolition permit on the 10th.

    Now my mind is racing with scenarios. This lot is immediately south of where the original Stadium District proposal included a city-owned parking garage that never made it through. I wonder what they have planned for this lot; I hope not anymore surface parking. A garage would allow for redevelopment of many of the surface lots in this district, which has always been a problem with all of these new residential developments. If they could consolidate some of this parking; it'd allow for a more cohesive, walkable district.

  • Is the house to the north still there? I'm not sure how out of date the Google Streetview is.
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    Yes, it's still there. It's always looked abandoned, but it's my understanding that it's always been used as storage as it relates to its history with Stamp Rite. The address includes both the old single-family home structure and the modern commercial unit.

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    Was randomly searching the most recent Lansing Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) meeting agenda and packet, and came across something interesting. Looks like a micro-loan was up for approval at this month's meeting for CB Mining, a "urban mining" operation which seeks to recycle nearly 100% of metal in old circuit boards where recyclers of "e-waste" are lucky to get 50% of the metal from these circuit boards. They claim to have a patent pending technology to do this, that doesn't require environmentally consequential smelting.

    Anyway, sounds a little whacky, but so did the automobile when Olds and the rest tinkered in their garages. More than that, it's a relatively small loan for something that could turnout big. They are promising 73 jobs over 3 years if they get this off the ground.

    I guess the notable thing about this little piece of news is the location: The Lansing Industrial Center at 111 West Mount Hope at the foot of REO Town. This is the old warehouse and distribution center where QD has its headquarters. Don't have any meeting minutes to see whether they got the loan, but I imagine they did.

    BTW, kind of surprised to see how occupied the complex is; I thought it was more empty than this:

  • I go by this building often and I noticed some renovation going on in the front of the building nearest to S Washington. That may be the area this new business is moving into. I would like to see the owners of this complex restore the Washington Avenue side of the facade as they did on the Mt Hope side. I think there would be the old brickwork under that tan colored corrugated metal siding.

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