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Check out these minutes from the LCC board. It talks about the plans for a new ramp by University Center, and the capital outlay request for the $44 million, 70k sq ft math center. It sounds like both of these projects are moving forward much faster than I anticipated. Also it's nice to see that the ramp will have ground floor retail and conference space.


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    I found some renderings and site plans for the proposed lcc ramp and classroom building. They are from the Campus Master Plan.

    Outline of new classroom building to be 4 floors/70,000 sq ft, with a bridge over Shiwassee from the A&S building on floors 3 and 4.

    Concept 1 Site Plan.

    Concept 1 looking SE from Genesee & Seymour.

    Concept 1 looking SW from Genesee & Capitol.

    Concept 2 Site Plan.

    Concept 2 with expanded University Center.

    Concept 2 without expanded University Center.
  • wow.. I'm really not liking the parking structure from Concept 1. It looks like the wall was used for target practice. yuck!
  • I like concept 1, it's a poor rendering but it looks like the final design would be decent. It would also really create a nice dense feel on that block. I don't like concept 2 at all though. The retail barely faces any street, and the ramp is an odd shape.
  • Parking or Power?

    Looks like LCC is moving forward with their parking ramp adjacent to the University Center. It's tentatively set for a Summer 2009 groundbreaking.
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    City Council drafts new LCC ramp deal

    Now the Council comes back with a proposal that will add $100k to the sale price and save them about $160k on their lease. I can't beleive they held this up for only $260k out of the $3.7 million original sale price and some $5 million in rennovations LCC will do. The only explantion for the Council's actions is that they just want to show the Mayor who's "boss." How dumb...

    BTW, the city negotiated a $6 / sq ft lease rate for their space. If anyones getting screwed, its LCC, that space is at least worth $10-15 / sq ft and will be worth more after rennovations.
  • Yeah, this was Jeffries sticking his finger in the eye of the administration. Seriously, both the mayor and this council can be so incredibly childish. The council hasn't been this dysfunctional in years. I really hope folks on both sides display that they notice this as the mayors office and council seats come back up for re-election...

    $6 did sound awfully low, but given that they are dealing with the city as opposed to a private tenant it seems reasonable, to me. I'm just glad the thing looks like it's going to get done.

    Something else the article made note of was the city's vacation of Schoolcraft that runs along side Saginaw in the opposite direction. It's really just a pet peeve of mine, but I'm really against the city continuing to allow the the college to shutdown streets around and through the campus. It just further cuts off an possible connection in the future that could connect downtown and Old Town. Superblocks generally aren't good, either for urban development.
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    LCC will be doing a major renovation on 505 N Capitol at the northwest corner of Capitol & Genesee: LCC plans veterans resource center

    The design is certainly interesting here, I'd like to see how it'll look in person. No real timeline is given on the project besides a June 30th, 2019 deadline to use state funds.
  • Is 505 N Capitol and the northwest corner of Capitol & Genesee Dart Auditorium? I've been there a few times. Are they getting rid of the theater?
  • There's a two floor office building at the northwest corner of Capitol & Genesee that LCC bought in 2012. It looks very different now:

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    D'oh! I was messing up my direction. lol I kind of like that building; it's not a masterpiece, but there is not much like it in the city.

    BTW, I see the article says this was the old Michigan Catholic Conference headquarters before they moved down Capitol.
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