Capitol Park Center (formerly SOBI Square, Ottawa & Butler)



  • I like that site plan more than the old one, I really don't think you could ask for a much better one. The difference I like the most is the added density along Ottawa, I wouldn't mind getting rid of the houses facing Ottawa though. All in all I think this something us downtown development supporters and the neighborhood people will be happy with.
  • Yep. In fact, in one of the documents in the council packet one of the residents along Ottawa in one of the remaining houses says that the rezoning and redevelopment of this land is long overdue. There seems to be no opposition from anyone on this one. That means the only obstacle for Townsend will be the economy.

    BTW, I was told that this will/could be done in four phases, so that means it doesn't all have to start at once. It gives the developer a bit more leeway.
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    According to this City Pulse article, the project is now being referred to as Sobi Square. Here is a link to the website for the project:
  • As a computer person, if they are going to use the initials of the surrounding streets, I would have preferred BIOS. :-) Bois would also have worked (French for wood).
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    I'd been racking my brain after having read the article, last week, trying to figure out what "sobi" was supposed to represent. lol It's also a play on SoBe (South Beach), which is a bit too fu-fu chic/cute-by-a-half, for me, but that's my only criticism of the entire project.

    I'm glad to see they have a more clear siteplan available:


    Jared, you may want to change the title of the thread to reflect the naming of the project.
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    Capital Gains is reporting that there have been some changes made to the Sobi Square project.
    The changes include adding a mixed-use building that would include retail, office space and living space. However, the first phase will include the construction of a 12-unit, 950 square feet to 1,175 square feet two and three-bedroom building on Ottawa Street.
    I'm happy to see that there is still activity with the project. Hopefully we will hear a timeline soon on when Townsend plans on getting the final site plan approved and starting construction.
  • I'm still not getting exactly what was changed. Was a building added to the site plan, or were one of the existing buildings in the proposal simply changed to something else? The article didn't really clarify anything.
  • I'm not sure either. It would be nice to see an updated site plan.
  • BTW, I've heard this is going to be done in four phases, which sounds very smart to me given the economy. At least Townsend's being realistic about it.
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    Bad news for this project, from the minutes of the 11/5 Lansing Brownfield Redevelopment Authority meeting included in the City Council Packet for Monday's meeting:
    Ottawa/Butler Property Discusslon :
    Bob Trezise reported that he has been contacted by Wolverine Bank notifying the Ottawa/Butler property has been foreclosed upon. Gene Townsend did not notify us about these problems, issues or about the foreclosure itself. The Board requested that talking points be provided.
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