1855 Place (formerly Spartan Village 2.0)



  • Sweet! Thanks for sharing!
  • These buildings look huge driving up Harrison, it really has expanded the dense campus. there are going to be thousands of people living there. The streets are going to be even more crowded, they need to make the lights coordinated to keep the traffic moving along Harrison. You often have to stop at each of the many lights between Mt. Hope and Michigan Ave..
  • While I agree that doing city wide light coordinating would be a great boost in efficiency, having slow traffic is another incentive for people to use alternate modes of transportation such as biking.
  • I have thought while driving on Harrison that they work the lights to be annoying in hopes of getting people to slow down or choose another route, but there are many businesses and the train and bus station there and so I think it would be good to keep the traffic moving along. Like on Michigan Ave if you catch the green and travel at the speed limit you can travel all the way downtown without stopping. I think they could also have all direction stops for pedestrians, which might be activated during the "spaces" in traffic that accrue with sequenced lights. Trowbridge needs to be reconfigured and repaved as well.
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    Going up.

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    Just the store, or the entire thing? Good shots!

    BTW, does anyone know who the architect and general contractor were for this one?

  • I do not know. They did say that the Starbucks which is apparently right next to the store is also open. The buildings behind this building were clearly still under construction, but don't know about the apartments above the store.

  • This development looks really great. It will be nice to see the area full of people, and activity. I really like the sculptures, do they light up at night?

  • Great pics, thanks for sharing! Are these supposed to be move-in ready for the Fall semester? That's rapidly approaching, I wonder what the timeline is for the buildings behind this one.

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