1855 Place (formerly Spartan Village 2.0)



  • I finally went and looked at the MSU website. Apparently, all but one of the buildings is move-in ready. Which one that is in the complex I have no idea. But, it's on schedule.

  • This video says "Building A" is still not complete,

  • Yes the students will be moving in for the Fall 17 semester. Athletics and RHS staff will be moving in in October and November. Here's the project page from MSU listing the dates: http://ipf.msu.edu/construction/projects/1855-place.html

  • @MichMatters Architect is Neumann/Smith and general contractor is Walbridge.

  • Dinner on the "inside" today.

  • Wow I had not seen the inner court, it looks so contemporary and comfortable.

  • I'm glad to say it looks like they are putting up cantilevered traffic lights at Kzoo and Harrison! Not a big deal, but I think it will make that intersection look as good as the new developments around it.

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    That's great to hear. Those lights hanging by a string look so "townie". For the cost of the buildings around there they deserve to have traffic signals that don't look temporary.

  • Well, I almost got it right... I drove by the Kzoo/Harrison intersection, and while they are putting up new lights, they are not cantilevered. However, they are in black casings, and are wired across each street. So they do look much better than the single string "townie" lights that are up there now...

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