REO Town Development



  • thank you for the information it is very good to hear things may get back to normal in the magical year of 2021!
  • Going down bumpy old Baker Street yesterday I noticed a large excavation going on in the REOtown industrial park on the northeast side near the RR tracks. This is the first time I have seen any new activity in that area, I know that some sewer and drain? projects are going on around the neighborhood but this is a big dig going on over there. In more grow house news I read where an entrepreneur is converting the John Bean building to a grow house. Soon I think one might get a contact high just from driving around this area. The old Speed Wagon store on Barnes and S Washington has been finally renovated and there is a new liquor/convenience store open there now. The new owners really fixed up the place and they have a wicked cold beer cave! I like my LaBatts cold! There are a lot of party stores in this area now, the Louis's Liquor store on S Washington and Mt. Hope has also gone under some renovation with a nice mural painted at the street side, with the one that opened last year on S Cedar we have lots of choices for booze around here. Over at Walter French, some new murals have been put up over the windows, they are nice but I would rather see some renovation going on in that building. At Moores Park a community group is adding to the list of renovations going on, they are clearing out and fixing up the old stone staircases that had become overgrown and neglected. I remember those big stone steps when I was a kid they were fun to play on. I also saw on the River Trail's page that they are building an extension of the trail along Moores River Drive to Frances Park which I hope includes repaving the street. The community groups have also been taking good care of the roundabouts this summer the circles are all nicely planted and maintained.
  • I do not know where to look for such information [some of you do] so I have been wondering about the construction site near Baker and Cedar, it is a large site is being excavated there on the north side of the REO industrial park area.
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