REO Town Development



  • Thank you for sharing the story about a neighborhood just around the corner that I have not visited, now I want to take a ride over there. What a touching story I hope it is still going on over there. They seem to have covered the 3/4 block with topsoil so I would guess some kind of landscaping is planned. There is a designer's appointment only, tile shop in the former pizza shop, they have done some improvements but I wish they would take down the derelict sign there. Across the street at "Ronny's Party Store" they have put up a new sign and very much improved the property. The local kids are stopping by this store a lot as they also have candy and snakes. On the other side of Barnes, they fill and empty the parking lot there with ugly stuff. I still think that is not an industrial-zoned site. And again it would really improve the whole four corners if they would repave Barnes Ave that last two blocks on the west side.
  • A few notes from REOtown. The renovation of the office building on the corner of Elm And S Washington is looking good, along with replacing the panels around the windows they have installed some decorative blond colored wood panels on the corner of the building, and around the first-floor entrance. It is a nice looking update for this building.
    On the same block, the other night five or six city trucks pulled up to the lawyer's office building[in the only house on the block] pulled up the badly crumbling sidewalk there, and laid down some new blacktop. It had been that way for years so it was interesting to see all this happen after dark, with all these guys there to do it. I wonder if someone fell down there, it was really bad. I had written about the sidewalk a long time ago with no results, maybe the lawyers threatened to sue!
    I wonder if the old service station across the street from there [Elm and S Wash.] has sold, there have been several occasions lately where some folks have pulled in there and got out to pose for pictures in front of the building. It is a nice building, I just thought it was a bit odd to come by a couple of times for pictures on cold grey days, so maybe they bought the place!
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