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    The new access staircase at Michigan Avenue for the River Trail has been completed!

    Photo from the a few days earlier from the Lansing River Trail's facebook page:

    And from the Friends of the Lansing Regional Trails facebook page:

    Also, some other projects....Rotary Park:


    Raising that section even higher with the bridge over the Red Cedar at Potter Park is going to be huge at it relates to flooding. Kind of curious what they did with the smaller bridge just east of Auerlius as I've found this section is even more frequently flooded than the parts just west of Auerlius.

  • The new bridge is very nice looking it will be fun to use it.
    Over in Scott Woods, I saw where they cleared the path for the drain, and it really did not look so bad. There were a lot of fallen dead trees that have been removed which actually looks better if a little bit less natural. It looks like an old pass through the woods may be no longer used and gives a better view into that area. I am happy that the city listened to the people and took a more careful approach to this project.

  • If you like spotting wildflowers you should take a walk in Frances Park Woods and Scott Woods. I like the trillium flowers they look like tropical orchids. There are many different kinds of flowers blooming this week. Don't miss the show it's only once a year.

  • Looks like the sunken gardens is nearly opened. I'm impressed by how exactly they've reconstructed it, if even still disappointed in how this all unfolded.

    Sunken Garden to reopen in June

    Years of meticulous planning and careful attention to detail are coming to a head as Lansing Board of Water & Light officials prepare to reopen the relocated Scott Sunken Garden to the public.

    “It’s exactly the same. We put it together brick-by-brick, stone-by-stone and kept the original plants. I’d say 99% have been kept alive to be replanted in the new gardens,” said Breina Pugh, a BWL spokeswoman. “Anything that has been in the old gardens is making its way into the new gardens. We’re on track to finish by mid-June.”

    Three years ago, BWL officials encountered protests when they proposed moving the Sunken Garden west to make room for the Central Substation project at Washington Avenue and Malcolm X Street on the edge of REO Town. That project was nearing completion this week as gardeners tilled the soil, put the finishing touches on the original stonework and poured concrete for sidewalks near the site.

    Officials expect the substation to be finished by fall and the Scott Sunken Garden to open next month.

  • Wow looks great! I've never been there, I need to put it on my todo list :smile:

  • I was alarmed by the "the dam is bursting" alarm that went off about twenty times last night during the heavy thunderstorm that was passing, and then more after. I can understand if it was malfunctioning, or whatever happened, the thing is the announcement that is made is impossible to understand. I could find nothing online that told me what was going on. I am on the fifth floor but our lot is right next to the river, so my car could have been at risk. It is kind of scary especially these in these days of the climate crisis to hear this crazy loud alarm going off over an over with this voice that is bouncing off all the walls echoing around the street. Who is in charge of this alarm? Does anyone know? They need to know they should have just an alarm maybe with signage telling people on the river what it means and what to do if you hear it or create an understandable message to broadcast, this one sounds like it is from some dystopian science fiction movie.

  • Wow was it literally saying "the dam is bursting"?

  • I'm down by the University Club and I heard it. I couldn't make out the words, it just sounded like loud talking, but I heard the alarms.

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    I heard them too around midnight or so. I live not that far from the stadium, but far enough that the words from the announcer are kind of muffled. I initiatly thought it was the stadium maybe telling who was still ever around to get out because of the thunderstorms, but it went on so long that I knew it wasn't that. It scared, too, and then eventually ended. So, I'm glad to come here and find out what it was. I've heard them test the flood alarms before, but off course never this long.

    BTW, it's sad the state of local news coverage that I've not seen anything on WILX, WLNS, Lansing City Pulse, the LSJ etc...about this. I had to come here to find out what this was. The LSJ already scaled reporting WAY back, but now barely does anything on weekends.

  • I wrote to the Mayor as I do not know who is in charge of this alarm. Maybe lightening set it off, let me tell you it is loud in REOtown. "The Dam is Bursting Alarm" is kind of my title, as I really can not understand what it says except the words "dam" and "seek higher ground now" which would seem to indicate the dam is bursting! It might say "failed". It is really bad to have no information about this alarm out there and for the announcement to be incomprehensible, in these crazy days it seems anything is possible I was checking to see if my Jetta was floating down the river.

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