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  • More information on the Dam alarm here, including a video of what it sounded like for those of us out of range:

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    I can not believe how irked I am by the city still not saying anything about this. lol Look, given the times we're currently living in, I'm kind of hyper-sensitive to this stuff. I can not believe there has been nothing on the news, or nothing from the city about this. I guess no one in city government lives by the river. /s

  • While understanding that this was perhaps a malfunction, it is unacceptable that the city has offered no explanation and uses an alarm that gives an announcement that is frightening and no one can understand. It looks like this false alarm scared people all over the city, and what happens if there really was a problem will folks just ignore this crazy sounding announcement? I am writing to the Mayor again to ask for some action on this issue.

  • Peter Spadafore posted in my neighborhood's Facebook page that it was a test of the warning system while mentioning it probably wasn't the best time for it. Supposedly the voice does say it's only a test but unless you're right there you really can't understand it well.

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    So, this is what was going on up at the North Lansing Dam in Burchard Park, Saturday.

    This looks really cool, and a great use of the park.

  • The rose garden at Frances Park is in full bloom right now. They have really a lot of blooms this year and have benefited from all the work they have done over there the past two years. The rest of the garden looks great as well with all the seasonal plantings on display. Even the grass looks good this year!

  • Perhaps due to all the rain, we have had this season the summer wildflowers in the prairie lands area of Fenner Nature Center are really beautiful this year. The hillsides of the fenced-in area [where the buffalos used to be] on the south side are covered with bright yellow Black Eye Susans and in other areas blue Bee Blum and thistles are growing in the shoulder-high grass. I have never seen the grasses so high. It's really pretty out there right now check it out!

  • A few photos showing off Rotary Park, which opens next week:

    From the City Pulse:

    Groups like Lansing 5:01 have already expressed interest in using the new park, she added. “I think Parks & Rec is going to have its hands full.” 

  • wow! That looks awesome. Great utilization of riverfront space.

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