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    Indianapolis, the city I spoke of that I would never want to live in... and seems like a large city that has nothing to do at all ( including downtown). As I was reviewing google map it was brought to my attention how similar the layout of the cities are. Including highways and mainstreets.

    These maps are a little off for comparison. I would recommand to view google map to compare better.
  • I just though it was interesting to note that Clayton, at 16,00 people, has 39+ Fortune 500 companies. Wow!
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    I'm not sure how we got talking about Clayton, but to be clear, perhaps Clayton is home to branch offices for 39 Fortune 500 companies, but it does not have the headquarters of 39 Fortune 500 companies. I was just wanting to make that point if some were confused. Clayton is the headquarters of 5 Fortune 500 companies, which is still impressive. Everyone must also remember that it was an edge city, though, just like Southfield, Evanston, Sandy Springs, etc...meaning that like all cities of this type it was developed specifically to steal away businesses from downtown St. Louis and become the new CBD of the metro. It's essentially a vertical surburban office office park.
  • With those examples given, you wouldn't be far off with saying the same for Lansing - East Lansing?
  • St Louis is a very good example of sprawl.
  • We all know the story of Portland experiecing sprawl, and they decided to to come up with a model to stop such. Looking at Portland downtown ( not skyline) I'm impress, and think it was done well ( at least from what I've seen). I've recently heard mentions that Grand Rapids is using the Portland model also. With that said, is there any city model/ urban model ( like the Portland model) that Lansing is using to create it's downtown?
  • Video of mayor talking about IBM coming to area.
  • If anyone happen to go downtown soon, could you take pictures? Really will like to see how it looks now, haven't been downtown for a few months.
  • Anyone know what the IBM downtown Lansing office does? (the one at One Michigan Ave.) If this new IBM center in E. Lansing grows as predicted, maybe IBM would consolidate Lansing operations into the current Accident Fund building...or even better, build a new office tower in downtown Lansing!!!

    Coolbreeze, yahoo images have some good pictures if you search "downtown lansing," "lansing skyline," and a personal favorite of mine "silver bells in the city". You get lots of flickr images that are pretty good.
  • I see thanks, although I was looking for pictures more recent... like within a month or so.
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