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  • I don't think this is the right place to look for homicides for those cities. Please keep these discussions about Lansing. I don't think there are any cities that are like New York but have the footprint of Lansing. Maybe I'm missing something here.
  • "I don't think there are any cities that are like New York but have the footprint of Lansing."

    What about ones with the footprint of New York but like Lansing?
  • Jared I made an off topic thread so I can ask such question, and others as well. Is this not the thread......?
  • It's a poor use of a thread. There is an off-topic category. Single threads can exist within this category and shouldn't be so broad.
  • There is example of a small city that is almost all downtown: Clayton, Mo. It only has 16,000 people and has a downtown significantly larger than Lansing. I don't know how this city came to be, but it is a suburb of St Louis.
  • Thanks hood.

    Very interesting, perhaps Clayton downtown is more buisness than commercial... somewhat of how Lansing downtown use to be years ago.
  • Here are a couple pics of Clayton, it's an impressive downtown for its population.


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    Oh wow, I didn't know you had posted this 18 hours ago. Wow I'm very surprise and impress by the first picture. I wonder if their downtown have a nightlife ( still shocking though).

    Although looking at the first picture ground floor. It looks like they may lack a downtown, such as many cities like New York, Seattle, Portland, etc... Like local stores to shop, eat, play etc...

    Looking at the picture in this link, it appears the walkable tunel from the convention center to Accident Fun Headquarters was removed. Would many say that tunel is an eyesore, and how accurate is this picture with proposed projects for the city?
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