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  • coolbreeze,

    You might find it enjoyable to sometimes just read without posting a response. I always try to think about what Im posting before I hit the submit button. That way I can ensure I am contributing to the conversation at hand, as opposed to just posting for postings' sake.
  • I got on Magic Johnson's Foundation website a couple weeks ago and sent an e-mail basically saying a "Magic Johnson Center for Performing Arts" would be perfect in downtown Lansing given it's his hometown and he targets urban areas for revitalization and the Knapp's building which is available would be perfect for it. I included a couple pics of the Knapp's building...sadly, no response!

    Anyway, a movie theater would be cool, but I think it's 50/50 if it would succeed; however I'm totally guessing and am not basing that on any real evidence. At the downtown market study meeting it was mentioned that it would be cool if Lansing could take a building like the Ottawa Power station and make it into a galleria shopping center. Not sure if there are any current available buildings that would work for that though. Something on a smaller scale might work in the Knapp's building, and I think a Walgreens, CVS, or Kroger would work in there and allow a restaurant or living space in there too. Lot's of possibilities, but as I don't have any real knowledge of architecture or engineering, I have no idea what would be feasible.
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