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  • I got cut off when I was posting. The end of my post was:

    An interesting side-note is that Harvard medical school doesn't have a university hospital, Mass-Genernal is Harvard affiliated but it isn't the same as UofM hospital which is part of the university. There are a few more opportunities in the medical field in GR than Lansing by number of positions only (in my opinion)...I don't see a doctor getting much different experience in either places.
  • Well written, thanks micro.
  • How about turning the Knapps building into a cinema, possibly for second-run movies? I used to love going to the 99 cent Quad cinema in Saginaw...

    Plus, one of the major drawbacks that I see to the Knapps building is its lack of windows. Who wants an office or apartment that the only source of light is through textured glass block? A movie theater, however, wouldn't have a problem with the windows.

    With a movie theater, people could really make a night of going downtown: dinner at a restaurant, catch a movie, nightcap at a pub...

    What do you all think of that? What would you want the Knapps building to house?
  • There will most likely need to be a major renovation to the Knapps building to make it functional for today. That might be a good time to replace the windows. I know that there are restrictions on changes to the exterior of the structure with it being on the historical registry, but don't know if that would hinder the change to them. If anybody has info on this, I would be interested.

    As far as possible uses. I think the corner section of the first floor and mezzanine scream out major bookstore. The open design with a catwalk surrounding the mezzanine level would fit pretty well, and would also act as an anchor tenant for the building. The remainder of the first floor could be retail/restaurant along washtenaw ave. A mixed use of office and some lofts could round out the upper floors.
  • It also could be a real nice location for a large grocery store. If the LSD can pull a Meijer or a Kroger downtown, I think prospective residents would make the move. It's nice to hear about the small grocery store on Washington Ave, and a prospective one in the Capitol Club Tower, but being able to compete with Frandor, S. Pennsylvania, and Lake Lansing will be a huge boom for downtown Lansing.
  • Where's the small grocery store on Washington Ave?
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    @schurymi, micro said in a post on the General Lansing Development thread:
    Recently Capitol Pharmacy changed owners and is now owned by a husband/wife partner. It is no longer a pharmacy and they are trying to build it up as more of a grocery store (now it's called Capitol Convenience). They are staying open till 5:30pm weekdays now, and offering Saturday hours (11am-roughly 2pm). I mentioned I live downtown a couple weeks ago and they have taken suggestions on things we would buy and they gave us their number so if we're coming home but won't be there till 6ish they would stay open till we got there.
  • schurymi:

    It's between the Pita Pit and The Peanut Shop.
  • One other problem with Knapp's windows is that they are very high up, hugging the ceiling. I do like the idea of a movie theater downtown, but I'm not sure it would be too feasible for Knapps.
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    What type of movie theater? One like NCG, or like one to see plays?

    I never had Knapps but when I drive by it, it appears it may be a expensive resturant and one that may take a hour or so for your meal to be served. I found a interesting article about downtown Lansing development.
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