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    My idea for redeveloping the Triangle Property: rebuild River St, build 20 story 500,000 sq ft office building, an 11 story parking ramp, and two condo/apartment towers.

    Overall View:

    Looking North along River St:

    A small fountain/park area at River & Kalamazoo:

    The office building's atrium:

    A 12 floor condo/apartment tower (unfinished):
    Back of condo/apartments:
  • Those drawings look great. Are you using Google SketchUp? It sure would be nice to have that many people living downtown.
  • Yes, it is SketchUp.

    That sure would be nice to have that many people living downtown, I figure a building that size would be about 150 units, maybe more.
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    I can't find an off topic thread, so maybe this will sorta fit under this topic.

    I know many people who live in Lansing, but travel to Detroit for work. So due to Lansing good location ( middle of state). If Lansing was to grow positively would you say it may also attract people in all areas of state such as Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Kalamazoo, and Battle Creek etc... reguardless if they have a job here. Due to having a decent commute from home to work, and work to home.
  • I don't think so. I think ideally people wouldn't have to commute 1.5 hours to get to work. To me that doesn't sound pleasant at all. I think the type of residents that the Lansing area as a whole would like to attract would live, work, and entertain themselves in the Lansing area. Having a bedroom community will not progress the area to the state that I would like to see it in.
  • Yeah I see what you are talking about. Although I'm saying people may be attracted to the city and would have the desire to live, work and etertain themselves in the area. Although if a job is not avialable, they still have the desire to be in the area so they may choose to commute. Although many major cities contain a bedroom community ( large or small) due to the desire of location.
  • In the more distant future, when we have flying cars, it ought to make the prospect interesting. For instance the Moller Skycar prototype can go about 400 mph, you could very realistically live in Lansing and work in Chicago, and only have a 45 min commute. I think that kind of thing will be attainable to your average person within 50 years or so.
  • Oh wow, very interesting. Although then there would be traffic in the air, and may start to disturb many. If something like that was to happen, I wouldn't be surprise if the Chicago commute from Lansing stretch from 45minutes to 2+ hours. Why? There would probably be a large increase in no flying area zones ( if not an airplane etc...) desired by probably many in suburbs and cities. Then big cities like Chicago probably wouldn't let such be flown over their city at all , but a decent distance away to make commutte from where you park flying car to the city of Chicago ( as goes for Lansing).
  • What I'm talking about are fan driven vehicles, with small or no wings and a hybrid/all-electric powertrain. They would be fairly quite and would be driven by computers, just type in your destination. This is the future, the question is really how long will it be before an average, middle-class person could afford one of these "flying cars." The implications could be huge, it's like when we went from horses to cars, it suddenly expanded our everyday environment.
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    I was watching the news a few days ago, and they mention how there have been talks of making the Lansing Mall an outlet mall. That may really put a change to the area and may encourage to keep up with better landscape. Although I'm trying to weigh both the positive and negatives... not that sure which would be better.
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