Old Country Market

edited October 2010 in East Lansing
Drove past it and saw they tore out part of the front. Any idea whats going on there?


  • It's been vacant for a while now. I'm not sure what work is being done, but it would be nice to see another small market move in. I know as a former resident of the nearby dorms, the local market was much more convenient than riding the bus to Meijer.
  • It certainly was a convenient location, especially when I lived in Americana, but the shelves were always 3/4 empty! That place could never compete with Meijer, and never held a candle to Goodrich's in the "local grocers" conversation either.

    That being said, I also wouldn't mind seeing another grocery give it a go. There was talk awhile back about the East Lansing Food Co-op maybe trying their luck, but that seemed to flame out.
  • Some good news on this front. The State news is reporting that Bagger Dave's, a Michigan-based restaurant chain, is awaiting city approval to move into a portion of the old Country Markett. I've never eaten at a Bagger Dave's, but I have heard some good things about their burgers. They're also vying for an alcohol permit, and typically serve various Michigan craft beers at their 4 other locations in the state. I'm assuming their moving in is contingent on receiving the permit, otherwise they probably wouldn't want to.

    I actually agree with a student's opinion in the article. Lauren Lapine feels that the locale would be better served by another grocery store, and that there are too many restaurants in the area. I think that type of restaurant would do well in EL, just maybe more downtown, and not on the corner of GR and Hagadorn.
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