Red Cedar Renaissance



  • Hotel construction earlier this month from the project's Twitter account:


    I hadn't been southbound on US-127 in quite a few months to go any further south that Michigan, so it was quite a site to see the skyline growing at this project. The senior housing building looks nicer than the rest; I was impressed.
  • There also landscaping being installed along the Clippert Street side, along with the sidewalk's stairs and ramps on Michigan Ave. It is interesting that the Senior Building looks quite different than the other apartment buildings. Are they going to be condos or rentals? Out east they build a big senior housing project that included resident owned condos with food service etc. for active seniors [ I love that term] and an assisted living/hospice department for the low-income town seniors and others who need that service as part of the project. I would guess that this is what is being built, it looks kind of deluxe. I like the building and I am hoping the hotels will be individual looking too.
  • Crews where installing the windows on the eastern hotel building when I passed by yesterday, it will be nice to see this project all finished.
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    It appears the Red Cedar Lodge senior facility and Gateway Lofts are open. Not sure when the opening is planned for the hotels.
  • I like the look of this building, seems a bit pricey but with all that is included it could work for a lot of people. Over on the hotel side they are installing some nice large windows, and on the western hotel building they are putting up some dark brick walls at least on the first floor. I have not been back there for a while, but it looks like the house shaped building is nearly finished, I guess it is going to be a restaurant.
  • I saw in the LSJ that the building with the house -like pitched roof and windows is going to be a restaurant called "The Old Bag of Nails"! Interesting choice for a restaurant, it seems that the first restaurant these folks opened was in an old hardware store, they are known for Fish and Chips. That sounds good to me, I'm a pretty harsh critic of that dish which I used to make tons of cooking on The Cape.
  • There is renewed activity in the Ranny Park/drain project. Several large earth movers were on-site. I wonder how long it will be before this project is finished.
  • The exterior finishes are being applied to the west side hotel on Michigan Avenue. Nice enough so far, not very inspiring however, shades of grey panels, may look good when finished. At the "intersection" on the east side of Frandor/Skyview it looks like there will be no direct crossing to the new development there. You will have to make a right from Frandor then a "Michigan Left" turn up the street. It will be not so bad when they pave the street right now it is pothole city.
  • I really enjoy Old Bag of Nail over at Red Cedar Renaissance. It's going to be so cool to see the water flowing when the drain project is completed later this year.

  • The water feature in front of the restaurant has been working for a while, it looks really cool. They may have turned the area off to connect it to the rest of the water works in the middle of Michigan Ave... I have been using the drive behind the complex to avoid the bad road on Michigan, where you see the one part of the development that is not so great, the huge size of the parking surface lots. I think the drive is a city street, and they now have 2-hour parking signs along the drive. The ponds are naturalizing, and look healthy, and they were working on landscaping the areas around the ponds the other day.
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