Meet-up for drinks/snacks, Monday, Sept 22nd, 7pm at The Nuthouse

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I'd like to put together a casual meet-up for people on Thursday, September 18th. It's been many years since I started the site (2006!) and some of the names have been around from the beginning as well as some new people. Would be great to meet up in person, share stories, and get to know each other.

Between the following three choices, what are your preferences?

A) Riverfront Park (picnic/byob/all-ages)
B) The Nuthouse (all-weather/bar+restaurant/lansing)
C) Peanut Barrel (all-weather/bar+restaurant/east lansing)
D) Something else

If you want to attend, please respond with your rankings of the locations. Looking forward to meeting all of you :)


  • That would be awesome, hope you guys can do it; but I'm out in CA now. I still lurk and comment because we're so tied to the area (family and friends). Still feels like home in a lot of ways even though we've been out here for a few years.
  • I'll go if it's after 530. Maybe Nuthouse?
  • Yeah I was thinking around 7pm
  • I would try to make it, but the only time I could make it would be Saturday, Sunday or Monday evenings/nights. No need to switch times/dates for me though unless it would be better for others also.
  • How does Monday, Sept 22nd, 7pm at The Nuthouse sound then?
  • It should work fine for me.
  • I'll be there.
  • Just curious if anyone besides me, Jared and J will be there? Also, I guess it's worth confirming that at least the three of us still plan on showing up.
  • Yeah, I'll be there. Would be good to see MichMatters there too if possible :)
  • Yes, I will be there.
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