Meet-up for drinks/snacks, Monday, Sept 22nd, 7pm at The Nuthouse



  • I'll be heading there shortly. I'm wearing a black hoodie with "Firefox" on the front.
  • It was fun tonight. I'm glad I got to hear your ideas. Definitely some smart people on this forum.
  • Thanks, yeah I enjoyed it too. Thanks for coming out.
  • It was good to put a few faces with the names.

    After talking about Eastern Market I was reminded of how I found out about it. There's a pretty good show that comes on PBS Detroit called Under the Radar Michigan. It's a show where a guy travels around to all sorts of places in Michigan worth visiting and it's actually very well produced and enjoyable to watch. Fortunately all 60+ half hour episodes are available on YouTube. I can't believe that I've forgot to share this before as it's a truly good series and I really can't recommend strongly enough to watch it if you're at all interested in things to do and places to go in Michigan.

    The UTR Michigan episode featuring Eastern Market: UTR Michigan - Detroit / Saugatuck & Douglas

    And a link to the UTR Michigan playlist: UTR Michigan

    It may be worthwhile to repost that link in its own thread or in an article on the homepage as it's a pretty good resource.
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