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I wish this would have been something more solid, but at least it's interests:

2 firms interested in Ottawa power plant

By Jeremy W. Steele
Lansing State Journal

August 22, 2006

Two firms want to work on a potential redevelopment of the riverfront Ottawa Power Station.

Chicago-based Morningside Group and Lansing-based Abe Property Investments met a 5 p.m. Monday deadline to tell the city they're interest in the mostly vacant power plant and 3 acres of adjacent riverfront property.

The firms could not be reached for comment.

The "letters of interest" are not the full proposals officials had hoped for, but do show interest in downtown, said Bob Trezise, manager of the Lansing Economic Development Corp.

"I do think it's substantial that one of these two developers that we've been able to attract to the city of Lansing is from way outside our area," he said. "They want to take a serious look at this building."

A committee of city and state officials charged with overseeing the developer search will meet within two weeks to begin discussions with the firms. Those talks are hoped to be completed within 30 days, Trezise said.

The developers have said they need data on downtown demographics and property use. Such a market study could cost $50,000.

Chicago-based Morningside has built several loft condominium and retail projects in downtown Royal Oak, including the 70-unit SkyLofts, and is building the 68-unit Liberty Lofts in Ann Arbor.

Abe Property Investments is affiliated with Abraham Real Estate Inc. of Lansing.

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  • Do you think this has to do with the building? or is it because Lansing still hasn't fully taken off?

    I also wonder what type of company would want to have the cooling towers next to their offices?
  • A little of both, really. It's such a big vacant building for such a small city. Not to mention how much extra work needs to be done to it to turn it into a conventional high-rise (i.e. equally spaced floors, an addition of an elevator core,...)

    BTW, where you the one that left the cooling towers question on the projects website?

    Also, why is this thread labeled "Off Topic" for its category? Shouldn't it be labeled "Lansing?"
  • I asked that question, I still think leaving them is a huge mistake, whether the project goes forward or not. The BWL has such a large amount of money to play with that they have no excuse to cheap out on these.
  • I hope Morningside decides to go through with this. They've done good work. But, they aren't exactly known for historic preservation/renovation work. Most of there stuff is new construction. In fact, they are one of the firms chosen to design a residential building for Detroit's new RiverEast District nextdoor the the RenCen.
  • Hopefully they getr this project and maybe it can lead to other ones in Lansing in the future.
  • ** I fixed the topic and moved it to the Lansing category **
  • anything new about this project? is the city keeping things quiet while they're in negotiations or is this a dead project right now?
  • Last I heard the project was supposedly moving along, that was at least three months ago though. Anything could happen, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • any idea what might be going in there?
  • Bob Tresize said there were two proposals, but refused to go any further, and as far as I know theres been nothing new sine then.
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