Accident Fund Headquarters (Ottawa Street Station Redevelopment)



  • Say goodbye to the smokestack, perhaps even by Christmas.
  • I find this odd that they are doing it so soon, because unless I've got something totally wrong, it looks like a slew of small antenna were placed on the sides of the chimney not even two months ago. Perhaps they aren't antenna at all, or they've been on the stack for much longer than I thought? It would seem odd for so many companies to rent out space on the stack knowing it was coming down soon. Are those not antenna on the chimney?
  • I never noticed anything on the stack, but I never spent too much time looking either. I wonder if they plan on demolishing the N Grand Ramp while they have the street tore up next year, I sure hope so.
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    I just noticed what appear to be antenna on the stack a week or two ago, and don't remember seeing them back in October, the last time I took a picture of the station. I'd imagine that they must have something to do with the demolition, though, either that or they were are collecting environmental information or something.
  • Well, I know they need to remove the stack. It's sad nontheless. It was an iconic skyline feature.
  • I'm guessing the "antenna" structures are scaffolding or other structures needed to bring the stack down. I'm sure the behind-the-scenes work has been going on for a couple weeks, which would coincide with when folks here are reporting seeing things.

    I think it's amazing that it will only take a couple days to take down the stack. It's all steel, so it'll come down in giant pieces.
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    After having had time to think about it, and looking closer you're absolutely right. They've already got the giant red crane almost ready to begin, and I saw a guy up there in a bucket of sorts. They have some line strung between the top of the station and top of the chimney, like a primitive exterior elevator.
  • They started removing the smokestack yesterday, they may have it completely removed, along with BWL's signage, today: Smokestack's removal transforms city skyline
  • Here is a short video of the smokestack being removed:
  • I went through downtown yesterday and was suprised at how much I liked the building with the stack gone... i had mixed feelings since it was a skyline icon, but without it on there the eye tends to focus more on the actual structure. As funny as it sounds, the building seems BIGGER w/o the stack. Now I can't wait to see it once the cooling towers & parking structure over Grand are gone. I'll try to remember to take pictures sometime this week.
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