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Thought we should probably have a second page for Northern Tier development, which can be in East Lansing, Bath Township or both. Anyway, it looks like the massive Chandler Crossing neighborhood up at Chandler/Abbot and Coleman Road is expanding:
BATH TWP. – A proposed project at Chandler Crossings, the massive student housing development in Bath Township, could add as many as 430 beds to the development.

Plans for the next phase include residential, retail and recreational projects at the site, located near the intersection of Chandler and Coleman roads.

WestPac Campus Communities, of Santa Barbara, California, plans to begin work this summer. The plans include a mix of two-story duplex townhouses and two-story apartment buildings, as well as an open-air ice rink and recreation area and a gasoline station and convenience store.

This is in addition to The Rocks:
It's the latest proposal in a series of developments in Chandler Crossings. A new apartment complex, known as The Rocks, is expected to open this summer south of Coleman Road and include 119 apartments with one to four bedrooms.

The company took ownership of The Cottages complex along Hunsaker Road in December, and WestPac also owns The Club, The Village and The Landings apartment complexes in the Chandler Crossings development, totaling more than 850 apartments with nearly 2,780 beds.

More detail:
The preliminary plan proposes 37 townhouse buildings with approximately 300 beds. The townhouses would have either two or four bedrooms and each unit would have an enclosed garage.

The plan also includes seven apartment units, five two-story buildings and two three-story buildings. The lower floor would have four one-bedroom apartments with an enclosed garage for each unit. Upper floors would have units with one or two bedrooms.

The townhouses and apartment buildings would be located north of the existing entrance off Chandler Road and east of Hunsaker Road.


An existing retail center adjacent to Jimmy's Pub also would be renovated to include apartments on the second level.

I'm still not exactly sure where this is going in the comple; I'm guessing north of the small shopping center?

Apropos of mostly nothing, I'm surprised seeing how developed this would go in this area that East Lansing didn't simply annex land up Chandler Road, instead of almost avoiding it for huge chunks of less desirable land to the east and west. Basically, everything south of State along Chandler is where most of the development is going to happen.


  • It sounds like this is basically the same concept they already proposed for this location, although it's not clear if this would take up that whole block or not.

    The Rocks aren't too far from being done, I think all the buildings are up and some may already be done. Definitely nothing special about them that I can see.
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    Here are some photos of The Rocks courtesy of Wolverine Building Group's facebook page:




    Now, where are The Rocks, again, in relation to Chandler Crossing? It's too the south, right?
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    Yeah, The Rocks are to the south of Tim Hortons, just south of the access drive to the East Lansing Soccer Complex. This is the property here,
  • Thanks. So this new WestPac community is going to go immediately north of the retail complex. This is getting to be some serious population density, particularly since almost all of this stuff is multi-family and student apartments. Hopefully, CATA is planning for higher frequency up this way, and this is also really pushing towards another interchange along 127. Everyone is saying State Road, but it'd actually almost be easier to extend Coleman and do one at that meeting.
  • There's some construction on the block bounded be Chandler, Coleman and Hunsaker, it looks like just site work at this point. There was a proposal for a mixed use "urban" type of development here awhile ago but I think the proposal mentioned in the opening post of this thread was more recent than that.

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    Somehow we missed this, but I saw this when looking at the True North Development website reading up on the Four Corners development.

    True North is building "NoCa Lofts" (North of Campus) in front of the strip mall on Chandler Road: describes it as 154-unit/167-bed student housing development.

    Construction photos from November 13, 2018:

  • I searched through tons of city council minutes and couldn't find anything about this development. The picture above looks like ground floor retail with apartments above. This is better outlot infill than a McDonald's or a bank but I'd prefer nothing more up this area if I had my wishes.

    The name NoCa is terrible though.
  • LOL, you're right.

  • My last post in this thread was about this, I thought I had mentioned it somewhere else over the past few months. The building in the foreground has been mostly finished for awhile, they just haven't put any cladding on it. The other building isn't far along at all, I'm not sure they're even working on the foundation yet.

    As for the project itself, there's not much good to say besides that they included some retail and it isn't as bland as the rest of the apartments out there.

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