Northern Tier Development



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    1. The Cottage at Gaslight Village were finally approved.

    2. Rockwood Assisted Living (6290, 6330, 6350 & vacant land Abbot Road) comes back up before the planning commission next Wednesday. As a reminder, this is a 3-phase development consisting of a 2-story, 83-unit assisted living facility (with the possibility of a 24-unit expansion), a 4-story independent living facility, and 58 units spead through 21 villa buildings on 23 acres.
  • @MichMatters The Rockwood facility looks like it will be pretty substantial. Were there any site plans or renderings where you got that info?
  • Looking at the site plans for Rockwood Assisted Living, the 2-story building is slated for Phase 1, the villas and an expansion of the 2-story building are Phase 2, and the 4-story building is marked Phase 3. It may be a while before we see this development at the full scale in the plans.
  • I took Wood Road on my return trip from my cabin [thank God I got to go up it was so nice to be away from Lansing] where I noticed the new road on the north side of Eastwood is nearly finished. They installed some nice looking fencing, and it looks great. I wonder if they will restrict trucks from this road? It looks rather narrow and is sure to be used and beat up by all the cement and trash trucks if it is not restricted. Wood Road has been nicely repaved all the way down from DeWitt. It is also nice to see so many folks out golfing at Groesbeck, I have never seen so many people playing the course. I'm glad Lansing still has a nice public golf course.
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