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    Sigh. Nevermind.

  • Perhaps off the rails a little :) I do not want Friedland to go out of business (my grandpa was in the scrapping industry so I respect that business). The villain term was way over the top, I admit ....definitely did not mean for that to be taken too seriously. I feel bad for these developers getting wrapped up in a project like this. It seems like they jumped in at the beginning as almost a civic gesture, as the hometown developer. The developers are no villains, and obviously neither is Friedland Industries.

    That said, I've given a lot to be taken seriously. It's all thoughtful, so please take it seriously.

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    Jeez! I spent two hours of my day writing on here and cross-checking stuff on google-maps -- you better believe this is thoughtful! Btw, this ranting was me procrastinating on an application that I finally submitted today :)

  • It's OK MJ your thoughts are not crazy, I think everyone who reads this blog is frustrated with the pace of some of these things. It is hard to understand just what is holding things up or why someone would end up building a cheap ugly building. This is a forum for dreams of what could be Lansing as well as facts and figures of what it is, in my opinion, so dream on!

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    When it comes to those RR tracks, specifically between MLK and Mt Hope, I've long wanted to see them converted into a street. That would facilitate redevelopment of the industrial complex at Mt Hope & Washington and along the new street. It would also have frontage along Washington Park, allowing for a back entrance and hopefully breathing some life into the park. Other than that I'm generally in favor of reusing old RR tracks for paths and greenways. Though I would prefer to see trail money go toward fixing and expanding the River Trail first.

    And Conrail is long gone. They started as a quasi-governmental company like Amtrak that took over some bankrupt rail companies. If the tracks in Lansing are owned by Conrail then they're just owned by a shell of a company, according to Wikipedia CSX and Norfolk Southern jointly own the leftovers of Conrail.

  • I was by Pleasent Grove and Holmes Rd and noticed the small supermarket there had renovated the exterior of the building. Looks good. I also noticed the new duplexes going up. Pretty much run of the mill in design but it is really great to see the new building in this far corner of the city.

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