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Thought we could have a thread dedicated to the going's on on the southside.

We'd talked about this back almost exactly a year ago, now, but it was trying to glean from council agendas what was going on here, but the former EDS center off of Holmes in between MLK and Washington still seems to be slated for redevelopment into a self-storage facility and rental truck lot. Rejuvenating South Lansing, a community group created in the fall of 2014, opposed this as they didn't want a wholesale district. Anyone know if this rezoning ever went through? I've been down that way quite often, but have noticed nothing going on at the facility.

Anyway, I posted this because I noticed in the City Pulse that they have their next meeting, today, discussing the revitalization of South Lansing and thought this would be the appropriate place to post things going on on this end of town.


  • Definitely a worthwhile thread, probably should have been made awhile ago.

    I don't remember exactly what was proposed for the EDS building, did they even have a specific use in mind?
  • Yes, a self-storage facility. There was talk of some retail, but the Rejuvenating South Lansing was able to find out they were talking a retail truck rental facility. My post about it originally is back in the General Lansing Development page in March of last year.
  • I'd agree that a self storage facility won't do that site or the area any good, it would hardly be better than just sitting empty.
  • I have noticed a business seems to have opened in the building facing S. Washington. It looks like an vehicle service/storage business or used sales. They have huge "Lansing Party Buses" parked there. There is also a new "I think" used car sales lot in the strip mall behind there as well as another MMJ shop. I guess some business is better than none but I don't think this is what the neighbors had in mind. It must be really easy to open up a used car lot, or a MMJ shop in this town. There sure are a lot of them.
  • So after leaving Lowe's this morning I noticed a developer's sign in front of the old Bonanza/Ponderosa Steakhouse on Cedar just south of I-96. It mentioned "Join Starbucks" on the top so I looked them up online and was able to find plans to replace the building with two businesses,a Starbucks with drive-thru and another business that they are seeking. Developer is CMP Real Estate Group out of west Bloomfield. I'm looking forward to a stand-alone Starbucks not being in EL/Okemos.
  • While I'm not a Starbucks guy, I'm all for redevelopment of this area. I had no idea the Ponderosa was closed, though, I'm not down in that area often.
  • I'll be glad to see the Ponderosa building go, the new building looks a lot better.
  • I noticed a couple of South Lansing points of interest. The Reach Art Studio on S. Whashington was installing nice new windows in the building they are expanding into, they look really nice. I had read that a coffee roaster was going in the former Kwaps bakery building across the street but have not seen anything going on there. South Washington is just a few used car lots and an ugly liquor store from being a really nice street.
    Down on MLK they are working on the old car dealership building just south of Holmes. It is a nice building for an auto showroom, it will be interesting to see what is going in there.
  • I hadn't noticed any more work on the new Fiat store that Snethkamp was supposed to be building and I think I know why now. It turns out they sold the Lansing store and as of June 1st it is now LaFontaine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Lansing. Not sure what that means for development of the property they own to the south of the store, but I'll be paying attention to that.
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    Cliff, there was an LSJ story just out today saying that the South Lansing Gateway Project is still on. LaFontaine says that they are still going to build a new dealership, though it may or may not be a Fiat dealership. Kind of only tangentially replaced, but I wonder if Republican state house member Andrea LaFontaine is any relation?

    In other southside news, the clock as run out on Life O'Reilly mobile home park down off Washington at the city limits. Bernero is not mincing words:
    “I’ve had it,” said Bernero in a press release. “We are throwing the book at them and rightfully so."
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